Ashes And Snow By Photographer Gregory Colbert


I was lucky to stumble upon the Ashes And Snow website of Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert who I think is one of the most unique and best visual artist in the world.

It is a very special treat to visit Gregory Colbert’s website, to experience his exhibitions, photos, posters, Ashes And Snow movie and videos. The viewer will be taken on a journey of wisdom, beauty and innocence.

The incredible visuals of the YouTube videos (bottom of this post) are best watched as full screen HD with the lights off and listened to using headphones. Relax and enjoy the journey!

Click on the image below to see: Boy reading to elephant: Mexico City exhibition poster

UPDATE: The amazing Gregory Colbert – Selected Works 1992-2005 is available for Gregory Colbert photography fans.

Ashes And Snow Books By Gregory Colbert

Ashes And Snow Posters By Gregory Colbert

Ashes And Snow Movie

Watch the 60-minute feature motion picture written, directed, produced, and filmed by Gregory Colbert: Ashes and Snow Film

Ashes And Snow Music: Soundtrack

Listen to the music behind Gregory Colbert Photography: Ashes and Snow Soundtrack

Ashes And Snow Project By Gregory Colbert

On a stunningly beautiful Gregory Colbert Gallery the viewer and listener is taken on a journey of images and sounds which has been a project in development for over a decade.

Gregory Colbert explores the peaceful relationship between indigenous humans and wild animals, there is a feeling of constant discovery while navigating through the Ashes and Snow website, these travels are accompanied by mystical sounds.

A great lesson can be learned by all photographers who are not yet comfortable with the virtue of patience. How does the photographer gain access to such subjects and captures them in such a non-intrusive way?

“I’m usually just spending a lot of time with them, interacting, observing, reassuring” says Colbert.
I find this very important, to be able to take the time to create something in today’s fast paced world. This is a key element of the success of Ashes and Snow because this body of work could not have been completed during a shorter time span.

It took over 10 years because that is how long was needed for this quality to come about (and it is still an ongoing adventure). And why even rush a project like this? One would hope it lasts a lifetime just for the pure enjoyment it provides to the photographer.

The story of Gregory Colbert’s exhibit (a so called nomadic museum) is interesting and unique because it is in its own “building” made of shipping containers, a traveling museum which is constructed, dismantled, moved and reconstructed again during its trip around the world.

Ashes and Snow – Feather to Fire Video (High Quality Version)

Breathtaking behind the scenes video of the creative process of Gregory Colbert featuring a boy, an old woman, a cheetah and other exotic animals all in harmony among Africa’s sand dunes. The music and narrations are exquisite!

Flying Elephants Videos (High Quality Versions)

“What if there was a place that expressed our awe for nature” … watch these amazing videos of Gregory Colbert’s extraordinary vision:

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