Hawaiian Photography with Lingerie and Bikini Models


These are some of my favorite photos taken while living on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

My Hawaiian photography album contains female fashion modeling, swimsuit, bikini, lingerie and portrait photos taken indoors in hotels and apartments, outdoors on beaches and in tropical rainforests.

The Hawaiian Islands have more diverse locations in close proximity of each other than anywhere else on earth so the choices for locations are truly abundant.

Beautiful Asian Bikini Model In Bamboo Forest

Asian model in orange bikini

The Manoa Valley just outside Honolulu offers an exotic bamboo forest location. Since all lines (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) are our friends bamboo forests offer visually interesting “vertical surroundings”. Dressing the model in opposing colors worked out nicely, there was great contrast between the green of the plants and the orange of the bikini top.

What I like is that the modest accessories went quite far. Also the excellent jaw line of the model (which is my No 1 favorite feature) provided edgy look to the photo plus attitude.

Bikini Model Laying In Rainforest Creek

asian model in black bikini

Models who are willing to work in less than perfect studio conditions are definitely my favorites! Tamara is one of those lucky discoveries plus her multi-ethnic background provided an exotic look to the photos.

The ingredients of this photoshoot were quite simple:

That extra piece of yellow branch made a huge difference for me in the final judging of the photo, the small details make a sizable difference. I sometimes like to compare doing a photoshoot to cooking a fine meal. Preparation, attention to detail, passion, perhaps a little luck and experimentation plus and all the ingredients in harmony will create a successful end result.

The water was cold but some nice photos resulted and even if the model had to endure some of nature’s inconveniences it was a great shoot and adventure for both of us.

Wicked Shadows On A Beautiful Chinese Face

portrait of beautiful Chinese model

The same Pali rainforest location is so versatile, it can yield many different photos during several different photoshoots. Sylvia is my favorite model and muse so it was great fun to explore all the photographic opportunities this location had to offer.

As we were walking from one location to another I noticed dry branches hanging down and the shadows they were creating. The random irregular patterns of shadows which appeared on Sylvia’s flawless face were quite striking to me.

Not all arrangements of the shadows worked (looked balanced and pleasing) so about 6-10 photos were shot to ensure having enough to choose from. I find the features of Sylvia quite dramatic, striking and beautiful and the branches gave me a perfect chance to exaggerate that drama.

Portrait Of Beautiful Asian Model In Rainforest

Asian model in rainforest

I always think of the Mona Lisa when I look at this photo. The exquisite features of the model are in perfect balance with the beauty of her flower, the light and the exotic surroundings. Interesting opposites are presented by the roughness of the tree bark and the skin of the model side by side making the photo more real for me.

Having a long enough lens and wide enough aperture to blur the background is a must plus to ensure there are no distractions behind the model (like unnecessary objects or a very bright spot)

Beautiful Asian Fashion Model At Sunrise

Beautiful fashion model in white dress

At the altitude of Hawaii sunrises and sunsets are brief. So the model and I had to arrive to Sandy Beach way before sunrise to do makeup select and put on clothes, check angles and location. The time period of that first soft really low angled light is short.

The lava pools of Sandy Beach on the Windward side of Oahu made a much more interesting foreground and framing than sand would have. The side lighting creates a noticeable 3D effect by illuminating half the models body and keeping the other half a darker shade. This side light soon disappeared turning into high harsh sunlight which was useful for other photos with other more dramatic themes.

Portrait Of Hawaiian Girl In High Grass

portrait of beautiful Hawaiian girl

This photo was the result of an unplanned moment, I saw a big chunk of lava rock and thought I could stand on it and shoot downward while the model is lying on the grass. As soon as Iris laid her head down it almost disappeared; the grass was higher than I calculated which cracked both of us up and put a very nice natural smile on the model’s face.

Farming a face, when done properly can result in unique and interesting photos, I think this picture is well balanced and pleasant to look at so it became one of my favorites.

Beautiful Oriental Model In Pink Cowboy Hat

Oriental Model in Pink Cowboy Hat

A snap decision made this photo possible. After shooting fashion photos at sunrise and under high almost midday sun on Sandy Beach we decided to wrap and go home. On the way to the car, the model mentioned we have not shot any pictures in the pink hat and we should take a few before going home.

So we just laid on the sand where we were, I selected a longer lens and wide aperture to blur the background and placed her almost in the middle of the frame.

The model’s shoulders, face and hat were so symmetric (besides her hand) that it felt unnatural to put her off center so I placed almost (but not quite) in the middle of the photo. I asked her to tilt her head in a way that the light and shadow patterns would fall on her eyes, nose and checks while leaving her lips out in the sun.

I think the pattern looks natural like this even though the composition is “engineered”. If I would show the outtakes I could demonstrate the other versions including the first natural one weren’t this well composed.

Exotic Asian Model In Trucker Hat

Asian model wearing a trucker hat

Trucker hat photos are hot especially on stunningly beautiful Asian models. Jenny worked as a gogo dancer in the famous club Zanzibar on Waikiki Beach so we were able to get into the club before opening and do a fashion, portrait and lingerie photoshoot.

I like the fact that one eye is hidden the photo looks realistic, little dark and dangerous as opposed to what “perfect light” could have made possible and visible. I probably was not thinking of the Golden Ratio and the rule of thirds, when framing the photo but the composition happens to follow those guidelines nicely resulting in a pleasing arrangement of elements.

When I look at the photo there are three points where my eyes enter the picture and find the center of interest: the model’s eyes. Either the curvature of the trucker hat, the shadow under her strong jaw line or the lines created by her hair. There is really a lot to see in this simple portrait photo, besides her eye the model has perfect (and fortunately shiny) lips and beautiful nose as well.

Editorial Style Asian Portrait With Red Lips

Asian Model With Full Red Lips

It is quite impossible to guess how this photo was set up. That makes this photo even more special for me. What you are looking at is a magnifying glass of a dentist. While doing fashion photography in my dentist’s office (yes, location scouting is a full time job) the round object caught my attention and after some manipulation I placed it just the right distance from the model’s face so this unique arrangement could be created.

I still find this photo very interesting and I believe its particularity outweighs its imperfections. I love that rays of light are shooting out of the darkness where the model’s other eye is hidden; these rays are of course the fluorescent lights on the ceiling of the office.

Makeup, hair styling and wardrobe was provided by the very talented ROSHAR who I had the pleasure of doing two back to back full day photoshoots which greatly improved my portfolio and this album.

Beautiful Asian Model In Raincoat

Beautiful Asian Model In Rainforest

When a bikini photography session gets rained out (appropriately in a rainforest) there is very little that can come out of the session. While waiting for the rain to stop I told Jenny to put on her raincoat and see if we can wait this out.

As soon as I saw her face in that hood I knew I had to take her picture in that less than glamorous outfit. We had been waiting patiently and our mood was calm, the overcast sky provided plenty of soft diffused light so without using flash this portrait photo practically took itself without much assistance or interference from me.

Creative Fashion Photography With Make-up Artist ROSHAR

Fashion Photography With Make-up Artist

This photo is the result of the fantastic makeup artist ROSHAR contacting me to do a series of fashion photoshoots with him. ROSHAR is not only an excellent makeup artist but a great hairstylist and a creative wardrobe stylist.

The model had lace glued to her face neck and shoulders and makeup applied on the top of the lace. I especially like the “interaction” between the curves of the fake nail on the index finger and the curve of the exotic Asian eyes of the model.

The composition follows the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci spiral and the rule of thirds; the eye effortlessly enters the photo at the shoulders and then free to explore most likely arriving to the eyes following the fingers. The catch eye in the left eye was added in Photoshop to set a balance with the other one (just one catch eye is quite disturbing).

Warrior Princess Bikini Model In Rainforest

bikini model posing as warrior

I love props, finding and using unexpected items laying around on location is one of my favorite things to do. Tamara is a great fashion and bikini model to work with, her exotic looks and adventurous personality coupled with a yellow dried out palm tree branch resulted in this concept.

Out of the blue I had this idea to asked her to hold it like a spear as a warrior would.

I happen to be slightly obsessed with contrast between subject and background (when I feel it is needed) in other words not to blend in the subject with the background. In the case of this photo if the yellow branch was against the green part of the background it would have gotten lost a lot more or completely.

If that branch was not in front of that dark patch the photo would have lost its point (what I considered its point which is the spear). I cannot recall if it was a conscious decision, it could have been subconscious or a complete accident but nevertheless it is an important detail in the photo.

Bikini Model In Rainforest Creek

bikini model in rainforest

As simple, personal and intimate moment caught which is not usually how most typical Hawaiian bikini photos are described. Uncomfortable models in twisted unnatural poses with fake smiles and butts sticking up in thongs is not my idea of a good day’s work.

The rainforest stream was cold but the model was a great sport; what cannot be seen is of course the exotic rainforest all around as which puts both model and photographer in a calm and silent mood. I really like the cuteness, playfulness, relaxed sensuality of the model and the photo.

This Hawaiian swimsuit model photo has been responsible for bringing a large percentage of my visitors to my website. Read the complete story as I have blogged it here: Rainforest Stream Swimsuit Photoshoot.

Dark Skinned Japanese Bikini Model In Rainforest

Japanese model in green swimsuit

While shooting lingerie, swimsuit or nude modeling photos applying baby oil on the model’s skin creates a nice shine. In my opinion the less is more rule is useful here, subtle suits a rain forest location also I a not a big fan of super shiny overly oily skin. Perhaps in a different context like during a high contrast black and white project where harsh sun reflecting from the baby oil can have dramatic effects.

The overcast sky provided excellent soft, diffused light and also created a nice and quite large catch eye.

Beautiful Japanese Bikini Model On Dead Tree

Japanese Bikini Model In Rainforest

I like this photo because it seems effortless, natural, peaceful and confident but also a bit lonely in the middle of a rainforest. The dead tree trunk provides a line which the eyes can follow to the main subject. The soft rain forest light compliments the mood and the warm earth tones are in harmony with the skin color of the model.

Beautiful Asian Diva In Rainforest

Beautiful Asian model in rainforest

We came about a nice location in the Manoa Valley which consisted of a huge bolder, the sun shining at the bolder (only) through an opening in the rainforest canopy and lush vegetation all around.

The colors of this location seemed to compliment the color of one of the model’s dresses. It is a bit of “diva type” extreme posing but it “made sense” for the model to lean against the huge rock and to have her back follow the curve of the rock.

The sun acted like a perfectly aimed studio spotlight illuminating the face of the model only. Since all direct light was coming from above the ripples of the dress created a repeating pattern of lines. This same photo happens to look great in black and white as well.

Japanese Model With Messy Wet Hair

Japanese model with messy hair

Asian models have beautifully symmetric features and even though I tend to stay away from these half cropped portraits I had to make an exception in the case of Japanese model Jen. The photo was taken in the shade of lava rocks during a fashion and swimsuit photoshoot. The bright sky created a nice catch eye putting a twinkle into Jen’s dark eyes.

Portrait Of Beautiful Girl Next Door

Portrait Of Beautiful Girl Next Door

This portrait photo of actress and model gains a dynamic element by the angling of the camera. The picture was taken around 10am after a sunrise model portfolio photoshoot and to find shade on a very bright beach we used the back of the model’s jeep.

Sunsets and sunrises are very quick in Hawaii and for the rest of the day if outside shooting is required the 2 ways of lighting the model will be by finding shade or using the strong sunlight for extra dramatic black and white results. A nice detail which I noticed later is the matching colors of the eyes of the model and the stones in her earrings.

Athletic Japanese Fashion Model On Lava Rocks

Japanese fashion model wearing a golden dress

The next four photos have one thing in common, they are making use of the lava rocks of Hawaii.
Let it be color or black and white photography at day or night to me lava rocks equal dramatic, exciting, exotic, visually interesting addition to any photoshoot location.

Starting with the first photo, color wise the almost metallic look of the lava rocks and the model’s golden outfit and shoes give a warm color palette to this picture. Secondly the shapes and lines are well defined for the eyes to follow; there is a very clear distinction between the horizontal lines in the rocks and the vertical line of the model’s figure. Shooting upward and the sight tilt of the camera are necessary compositional elements, without them the photo would loose its dynamic character.

This fantastic location is near Hanauma Bay on the South East coast of Oahu and is a popular location with local photographers.

Filipina Fashion Model Posing With Guitar

filipina fashion model with guitar

A simple prop in the form of a guitar was a surprise item this exotic Filipino fashion model brought to the session.
The model’s legs, arms and the neck of the guitar create diagonal (dramatic and dynamic) lines for the eyes to follow. The background always suggested hard rock (cafe) theme to me. The location for this photo is in the foothills of the famous crater outside Waikiki called Diamondhead.

Beautiful Asian High Fashion Model On Beach

Asian high fashion model picture

The exotic choice for this high fashion photo session were the wet and mossy lava rocks and lava pools at the locals’ favorite Sandy Beach. Soon after the sunrise segment of this photoshoot was over the romantic, moody soft sidelight was replaced by harsh, strong sun high in the sky.

Some say the best time to take photos outside for modeling photography is only around sunrise and sunset. This alarmingly sounds like another “rule of photography” which is not to be taken too seriously either.

When the sun is shining from high above it is time for edgy photography concepts. One style which will benefit from this unforgiving light is high contrast black and white photography. This light works with many color concepts as well, shiny clothes, shiny skin or hair, shiny accessories can come to life. This “large amount of light” will bring out details in the photo very effectively.

The look I was going for here uses the contradiction between the beautiful model in a beautiful dress against the unique texture of the lava rocks. The color and look of the rocks always reminded me of the slimy skin of some kind of huge beast.

Multiethnic Fashion Model Photography At Sunset

model in white dress during sunset

The light was soft and warm just a moment before the Hawaiian sun set into the Pacific Ocean. It is always very funny to me how tourists start heading back to their hotels right after the sun disappears under the horizon. Is it dinner time in the hotel or they just do not know how beautiful the light becomes and changes at dusk? Even if those point and shoot tourists do not have tripods or the passion for photography why not stay and enjoy the experience?

The lines on the lava rocks and the line of the horizon are nicely offset by the beauty and the curves of the model. I really like the white outfit and the white clouds together.

Beautiful Model Painted In Gold Above Ocean

gold painted model

The fantastic blue color of the Pacific Ocean off the shores of Hawaii can make a great backdrop. Together with the opposing warm earth colors of the lava rocks at Hanauma Bay they create a very pleasing color scheme.

The choice of the rust colored scarf was not an accident and neither was the fact that we painted the whole body of the model in gold. While composing the picture I found it important to leave empty space on the left to create a “cliff effect” and to shoot from below putting the model into the clouds and just above the horizon.

Black Fashion Model And Wild Cactus

black fashion model posing with cactus

This great location was found during a hike and almost all viewers ask the same questions.Is it a Photoshop trick? Of course it is real.How did she get in there many people ask? Duh, from the side! This should end the mystery.

Beautiful Asian Model In Intimate Soft Focus

Intimate Asian model portrait

This sensual portrait photo was taken indoors during the Zanzibar Nightclub lingerie photoshoot with stunningly beautiful Jenny. To be honest with the modern technology of today’s cameras this was no more then a point and shoot photo. I could go into a detailed explanation of light and composition but all I did was asked the model to lay down, composed to the photo as I liked it fit and I clicked the shutter.

Jenny has so many beautiful angles that it was a true pleasure to spend a few hours photographing her.

Asian Model In Trucker Hat Singing

Asian Model Singing

Yes, time for again another (seems like mandatory with my photoshoots) random, surprise, unexpected prop. The ladies room of the Zanzibar Nightclub provided this unglamorous smelly mop which the model was a great sport to put so close to her face! The wall of the restroom is great by the way a true gem! Dontcha wish you had a janitor …. OK, I stop now.

Stunning Asian Model Wearing Trucker Hat

Asian model in red and white trucker hat

The photos of Jenny on this page are some of my all time favorites including this one. The beautiful features of this Asian model and especially on this photo literally take my breath away.

Futuristic Back Fashion Model From Panama

black fashion model in hotel room

I was having fun with composition when taking this photo, trying to squeeze in extra dimensions to give it a 3D effect. Also many well defined lines provide a geometric look; lines of the tiles, the mirror, the limbs this gorgeous model from Panama.

Mirrors always create a feel like twins are modeling in front of the camera which is sometimes results in an eye catching photo … other time it looks really like an outdated idea. I think this picture passes the “been done too many times before” critique.

Beautiful Black Fashion Model In Shower

black high fashion model

Model Ghana (from Panama) is a true professional. A beautiful and feminine but confident and strong as well. The idea of the model holding the shower head is what gave this photo an added interesting element.

Black Lingerie Model With Perfect Body

black lingerie model

Ghana in lingerie looking absolutely beautiful in a luxury hotel room which had many walls, angles and places to shoot for hours.

Many curves and curving lines in this photo; the curves of Ghana of course, the curves of the light base, the mirror and the sink all create a pleasant balance.

Italian Volleyball Player Intense Portrait

Italian professional beach volleyball player

Federica is an Italian professional beach volleyball player. We did a photoshoot on the North Shore of Oahu mainly around the theme of volleyball. Although not a model, Federica was relaxed and professional with an edgy look which accompanied her beauty. I wanted to capture the competitiveness of the sport and the beauty of a female body truly in shape.

Eyes Of Professional Beach Volleyball Player

bloodshot eyes of beach volleyball player

I love this closeup photo of Federica. Bloodshot eyes never looked so good (to me). At this time we had been shooting on the very bright sunny beach for awhile and the photo has realism because of it (unlike a studio photo where the image of an athlete would be less convincing).

Asian Fashion Model In Red Dress

Asian fashion model in red dress

As the fantastic makeup artist ROSHAR was multitasking and working on 4 models, some of the models were always waiting for their turn. I went out to the staircase of our hotel while the model’s hair still was not done and decided to shoot a few frames and make something about of the unproductive waiting time.

The fun part was that the model still had large silver clips in her hair holding it as it was being worked on. Those large clips provided an unexpected prop / accessory to the shoot making the photos a little more interesting and unique.

The “location” was simple but with character plus the beautiful Asian model in a red dress really stood out, “popped” so the end results were quite pleasing for such an impromptu snap shooting.

Nighttime Fashion Model Photography In Hawaii

Asian fashion model photographed at night

The several photoshoots with the collaboration of ROSHAR were great experiences in creating unique photos for our portfolios. I got to utilize my love of improvisation as well. After ROSHAR did hair, makeup and wardrobe styling in the hotel we hit the streets of Waikiki at night looking for locations that fit the mood (and did not get us trespassed). I was shooting these photos all alone without any assistants which I am used to do.

These stairs were on the side of a random building but they had two features which made them a great choice: a big street light right above and the green paint (which is opposing color to the red of the dress and lips). The elegance of the model was the finishing touch, I just had to press the shutter. Oh, of course I have to mention lines again, notice the fantastic diagonal lines of the hand rails, picture perfect!

Asian Fashion Model Portrait Using Photoshop Effect

Asian model in professional makeup

Another photo from the “glued lace” series received a creative and dramatic effect using Virtual Photographer’s halo effect which is a free Photoshop plugin.This image is angled and the diagonal line with the darker tone adds drama to the photo.

Asian Fashion Model With Beautiful Legs

Asian Fashion Model with beautiful legs

Another angle of those perfect steps. The beautiful Asian model is striking a diva pose, many great lines again as a matter of fact almost the whole surroundings of the model are made of lines which I love of course. The great free Photoshop plugin Virtual Photographer was used again to make this night photo more glamorous and mysterious.

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