Black and White Bikini, Lingerie, Fashion Model Photography


Welcome to my favorite album: black and white photography. These pictures were taken in Hawaii, Europe and in Venice Beach California.

The use of color in photos can evoke and manipulate emotions but black and white photographs tell stories in a much more simple way, in my opinion in a more straight forward manner without distractions.

It does not mean they do not bring out emotions but they do in a more basic way.

Beautiful Japanese Lingerie Model In Rainforest In Black And White

Beautiful japanese lingerie model

I enjoy converting my color digital images to black and white. Sometimes listening to classical music while tweaking settings in Photoshop makes the process and experience even more enjoyable and the outcome perhaps a bit more artsy and dramatic. Lighting becomes much more expressive with B&W photos and while black and white conversion cannot create a masterpiece from an average picture it is a common inside joke that it can elevate mediocre photos to new heights.

This special spot in the Pali rainforest in Hawaii has contributed many of my favorite photos to my albums. The overcast sky provided diffused light which matches the peaceful, melancholy mood I wished for this photo. The large rock has a slightly rough look against the beauty of the model.

I asked the model to lay on the rock as comfortably and naturally as she could to achieve a not forcefully posed photo. Sometimes I adjust the “natural pose” if something does not look right but sometimes it is good to give up that total control photographers could get addicted to and just let things unfold on their own.

It is a good idea to find out from the model during the first meeting or phone interview which type of photo session she prefers: more or less direction. Some models want to be directed as much as possible regarding poses and facial expressions. I find that a bit of a turn off because it usually means lack of improvisation skills, lack of ease in front of the camera, lack of self confidence, lack of talent and lack of personality.

On the other hand in the spirit of making the best of all situations if the model requires constant attention and direction that photoshoot can be turned in to an opportunity to try out very specific concepts. This photo looks good in both color or black and white but I prefer the BW for its intimacy effect.

Beautiful Local Hawaiian Lingerie Model On The Beach Taken At Nighttime

Beautiful Local Hawaiian Lingerie Model

Local Hawaiian first time model Iris was a good sport doing her first ever lingerie photoshoot in almost complete darkness nearby Sandy Beach on the island of Oahu. Only the fantastic Nikon Speedlight provided the harsh directional light which used at night I feel always gives the photos intrusive and paparazzi like effect. I thought the whiteness of the bundle of dry branches would look great in black and white offsetting all the darkness in the photo.

Black And White Picture Of Beautiful Lingerie Model From Panama

Beautiful Lingerie Model From Panama

This black and white lingerie photo is from my session done in a luxury Hawaiian hotel room with Ghana who is from Panama. Ghana has the beauty and elegance which makes her a great lingerie model. I like this photo more in black and white because its contrast but the color version is nice as well due the beautiful skin tone of the model.

Black and White Portrait Picture Of Beautiful Chinese Girl

chinese girl portrait

This is a snapshot of beautiful oriental model Sylvia or perhaps can be called a casual candid shot. Minimal setup was necessary, actually photo this was taken between setups. I prefer natural poses and expressions and one way to achieve them is often by taking a photo a second or two after the “official” picture had been taken. Another way is to clearly separate working time and break time. Photos during “working time” can be a bit more posed, planed and structured. When a break time is called photography does not have to stop.

A simple direction to the model regarding the relaxed nature of the next few minutes will put her in a less “performing” mindset, at which time snapshot like candids can be taken. Often these photos turn out to be the favorites. The only compositional effort I put into this picture was an instinctive use of the golden ratio and diagonal lines. Another example of me being only the observer and the photo practically taking itself.

Black And White Portrait Picture Of Girl Next Door At Sunrise

Black And White Portrait Picture Of Girl Next Door

The combination of perfection and imperfection comes to my mind when viewing this photo. The perfection of the model’s beauty and the imperfection of the shadow appearing on her chin. The shadow could have been avoided be positioning the head of Celeste differently but directions often have negative undertones to amateur models or non-models.

The shadow stayed there because it was there ad it deserves its place. The model was not made uncomfortable by me suggesting that something was off so a better photo resulted by keeping trust and chemistry constant during the shoot between model and photographer.

The photo was taken during the first few minutes of daylight and because of sunrises and sunsets at the altitude of Hawaii are fast quick action is needed. More intimate, natural and ultimately good photos can be taken during this short window of opportunity by avoiding any factor which might slow down or interrupt the shoot.

Black And White Portrait Of Beautiful Local Hawaiian Girl

girl portrait

The portrait of Iris was taken in the Pali rain forest under overcast sky which gave us soft light. This portrait photo gets many comments from viewers probably because of the undeniable natural beauty of this first time native Hawaiian model coupled with her confidence and inner beauty.

Black And White Fashion Model Photography In Hawaiian Rainforest

rainforest fashion model

The beauty of outdoor model photography: unlimited backgrounds and setups to produce a great variety of photos. I find it sad plus a waste of time and money when I see a modeling or photographer portfolios consisting of images in front of the same studio backdrop using same lighting. This great location in the Pali rainforest provides dozens of unique setups with ever changing light within a few steps. Finding a place like this will greatly increase productivity and the variety of photos.

I like connection between the model’s arms, leg and the branches, it is a balanced juxtaposition. The soft light from above is very directional and because Tamara has strong features it adds great drama to her face in the form of shadows. Even if I had an assistant with a reflector I would never think of filling in those shadows; some might consider reflectors essential but I like to use natural light especially with black and white photos.

Rose Tinted Portrait Of Chinese Model With Messy Hair

chinese model with messy hair

This portrait photo of my favorite model Sylvia is another example of a candid shot, taken between “properly setup” pictures. This is as natural and relaxed as things get during a photo session. The model is comfortable during every moment of the session not waiting to be photographed.

What I mean by this is that some models no matter how much direction is given them to relax, improvise, be themselves, go with the flow and not trying to anticipate the next shot, they just do not know what to do between shots. Photo shoots with those models unfortunately will not result in successful candids or any good photos for a fact.

Black And White Portrait Of Beautiful Asian Model In Trucker Hat

Beautiful asian model wearing trucker hat

There are color photos of the gorgeous Asian model Jenny wearing a trucker hat at the Waikiki Zanzabar Nightclub in the previous Hawaii album. The reason why these photos were converted to black and white is because of what was left when color was taken away: beautiful lines.

There is great contrast between the well lit model and the dark background, the curve of the bare shoulder is one good example. The face is beautiful and the expression is cute, definitely a personal favorite.
asian black and white modeling

Black and White Portrait Photography Of Asian Model At Zanzabar Nightclub

Beautiful female portrait

An intimate portrait photo taken also in the Waikiki Zanzabar Nightclub. Jenny has a stunningly exotic face which photographs beautifully from many different angles. The model’s eyebrows, eyes, lips and jaw create very pleasing lines which in my opinion greatly contribute to the beauty of this photo.

Black And White Picture Of Beautiful Japanese Model With Edgy Look

Beautiful japanese model

A pose with an attitude. This edgy photo was taken high above the Pacific Ocean on the cliffs behind Hanauma Bay in harsh midday sunlight. I like the faces of Japanese models most when strong and confident. The exotic eyes and features yield fantastic and dramatic black and white photos. The perfect Asian hair, the flawless skin, the symmetrical face all aid in creating an eye catching photo.

Creative Oriental Portrait Of Beautiful Mongolian Fashion Model

amateur mongolian model

During my childhood in communist Hungary I never could have imagined that one day I would return to photograph a beautiful Mongolian model in Budapest. But after returning to Hungary after 20 years of exile I did just that. I have been photographing Asian models in Hawaii but none that spoke Hungarian – what a culture shock! The above close-up portrait utilized the simple curtain of the balcony door. I like the mood that was created.

Elegant Black And White Russian Fashion Model Photography In Dutch Castle

elegant black and white fashion photography

The side lighting is coming from the window of a 100 year old Dutch castle. The antique furniture and elegant lines of the model and her pose give the photo classic elements.

Elegant Russian Lingerie Model In 100 Year Old Dutch Castle

russian lingerie model in black and white

An old castle is a great location for back and white lingerie model photography because of the mood of the rooms and the resulting atmosphere. This photo was taken toward the very end of our shoot ad because our allotted time was almost up we were in a bit of a hurry. For that reason I probably did not noticed all elements of this photo which now I find quite visually pleasing. I composed the picture quick and relied on instinct more than careful decision making. It must happen often that the photo is created with the help of the subconscious.

I really enjoy studying the lines in this photo especially the ones which lead the eyes to the model: the lines of the hardwood floor, the legs of the chair, the folds of the curtain, the top of the fireplace and the legs of the model. There seems to be a fine balance between the items of the room, their positions and the model. This photo is “so born to be” black and white, it does not work in color at all.

B&W Photography In De Koninck Brewery With Miss Belgium 1998 Tanja Dexters

fashion photo of miss belgium tanja dexters

Photographing Tanja Dexters Miss Belgium 1998 in the historic De Koninck brewery wearing designer dress and expensive jewelry is not a typical day in my life. This photoshoot had so many unexpected elements and opportunities that it was a great chance to practice thinking outside the box and making the best of every situation.

This photo was taken late afternoon and as the sun was setting it was moving outside the plate glass windows of the factory. So I was chasing the sun looking for spots it favorably illuminated for a good photo. This time the sun created a small patch of light on a huge cylinder which acted like a spotlight. We had to shoot this quickly, the spotlight effect quickly disappeared.

Beautiful Blonde Finnish Model In Thigh High Black Stockings

Beautiful finnish fashion model photography

I booked this shoot with the aid of a German modeling agency. The Finnish born model was experienced, open minded and adventurous. Being the weekend we were able to sneak into a construction site where we could shoot uninterrupted for a couple of hours.

This huge block of concrete piece had holes on its side and iron rods sticking out on its top while a concrete wall provided a plain background. Because the model’s clothes and the surroundings were colorless this photo looks best in black and white.

Black And White Picture Of German Lingerie Model And Dancer

edgy german lingerie model

This dancer model was also found in a German modeling agency while I was looking through portfolios. I love strong German features, I take someone with a defined jaw line before a cute bubbly model any day.

How did this look was achieved is funny; as the model was lying on her stomach on a leather couch in her lingerie I was standing on a chair above her. She felt self conscious having her butt in the photo so I reassured her I will crop the picture at mid back but I want her to project that intensity and perhaps worry she felt having her butt photographed as well.

Black And White Portrait Of Young Russian Model

black and white portrait of russian teen model

Yuliya is the quintessential Russian model for me; at age 17 she had innocence but great confidence in herself. We took many successful photos in a few hours!Because of the mood the photo looks best as black and white or perhaps it would work with very unsaturated colors as well.

Creative Black And White Modeling Picture With Pony

creative black and white fashion modeling picture

When the model owns a pony (actually two but the other had an even worse attitude problem) it is just a matter of seconds until we decided to use it. I wish I could have shot dozens of photos, the pony was a primadonna and I had to select this photo from a handful of pictures; the shoot was over in less than a minute. It was close to sunset and the sun was not strong enough to blind the model so I was able to flood the picture with plenty of light achieving great contrast after black and white conversion.

B&W Intimate Close-up Portrait Of German Model

black and white closeup of german model

Just a snapshot, we were not even “officially” shooting. I love the spontaneity of the photo and the intimate look in the model’s eyes.Absolutely no reason to have color in this picture.

B&W Concept Of Dead Fallen Angel Floating In German Lake

black and white photo of fallen dead angel in a lake

When a model is adventurous and trusts the photographer, great ideas can be actually turned into photos instead of just remaining ideas. I have seen picture of a photographer who shoots women (might be dressed as brides, not sure) as they just have drowned floating in water. The photos are morbid but very artistic.

When Hortenzia I told me she wanted me to shoot her in angel wings which she had for some time, the drowning idea came to my mind. Why shoot her as a cute angel when a twist can be introduced for a more exciting result?

The location was a cold lake in Northern Germany, there was a small wooden bridge which I could look down from but we had to shoot early in the morning before locals started to use the road and the bridge. Once again time was my enemy, cold water and sharp rocks on the bottom of the lake were hers.

Almost immediately the glue of the wings gave away but it presented another theme, fallen angel with broken wings! As I remember the shoot had to end in less than 2 minutes, the water was cold, the slight current kept moving the model out of the frame and the wings away from her plus local traffic started to pick up.Nevertheless I was able to take a photo we both liked.

Intimate Black And White Portrait Picture Of Beautiful Model

intimate black and white portrait of beautiful model

As Hawaiian sunrises quickly ends and light becomes too harsh a shade is needed for softer themes. We used the back of the model’s jeep, the light was great and the model looked peaceful, intimate and absolutely beautiful on this photo.

Beautiful Blonde Voluptuous Lingerie Model On Top Of Fireplace

Beautiful blonde german lingerie model

Another creative (make the best with what we have) photo from Hortenzia, the model who did the angel with broken wings picture with me. What she is laying on is the top of her fireplace about 6 feet high while her body is almost touching the ceiling. I am across the room standing on a chair, definitely a fun and unusual shoot.

Black and White Picture Of Russian Model Wearing Corset In Dutch Castle

russian model wearing a corset

Angelina arranged a shoot with the caretakers of in a Dutch castle while I was visiting Belgium. After the usual posed modeling photos I recommended to take a break which is often a good time for some candid or natural photos. Because of the mood I decided to lower the contrast of the final photo for a more peaceful feel.

Dramatic Edgy Black And White Model Photography On Abandoned Boat

dramatic edgy black and white model photography

As opposed to the photo before this one higher contrast helps to deliver a more edgy feel. Location: an abandoned boat in the harbor of Antwerp, Belgium. I loved the wheel as a prop, she did a vampy pose and this photo was taken.
The strong features of the model, the stockings, the industrial location and plenty of light compliments the high contrast decision.

Beautiful Asian Model Rainforest Portrait With Dramatic Lighting

asian female model portrait

Another example of found light, this time in a Hawaiian rain forest. Besides the hardness of the rock and the sun acting as a spotlight shining through a hole in the rain forest canopy the model’s strong features add drama to the photo.

Edgy Black and White High Fashion Picture With Androgynous Oriental Model

androgynous oriental model

After the sunrise is quickly over at the latitude of Hawaii it is not time to finish shooting and go home yet. Although many photographers prefer to shoot around dusk or dawn, in Hawaii it is not really practical. When the sun rushes high in the sky for almost the whole day as far as outside photography is concerned the protection of the rain forest or other open shade seem the best options.

Even though the sun in Hawaii is too bright during the day some models have a higher tolerance when it comes to tolerating it. This photo is complimented by the harsh light and would look very different if taken on an overcast day. Since I love drama and black and white contrast thanks to this model’s ability I could take this photo exactly how I wished.

B&W Christian Silhouette Of Asian Fashion Model At Sunrise

christian asian model photographed at sunrise

I was glad I could take advantage of the brief Hawaiian sunrise to create this silhouette. Fortunately the model loves to dance plus she has plenty of grace and elegance so when we had just a few minutes to hit some poses she came through … I would say with flying colors but there was very little color in the digital images so the conversion to black and white seemed like a good idea.

The model is Christian so I set out the goal to give her photos a spiritual, angelic, heavenly feel.

Black And White Religious Portrait Of Hungarian Jesus H. Christ

black and white religious portrait of hungarian jesus christ

I was fortunate to meet this Hungarian traveler in Hawaii who’s resemblance to Jesus Christ was uncanny. Super basic setup, hotel room, side lighting by a night light, tripod, making sure the left eye is visible.

Black And White Bald Head Silhouette Portrait Of DJ Yume

black and white bald head silhouette

A great guy and friend in the name of DJ Yume asked me to shoot some photos of him for his website. We roamed the streets of Waikiki for a few hours shooting many themes. This is one of my favorite, an impromptu bald head silhouette snapshot as we were walking down an alley looking for the next location. I like my cropping, not trying to be perfect, not forced, definitely a stretch for me.

Amateur Pin Up Model Photography On Hawaiian Beach

black and white amateur model photography on a beach

A girl next door from Australia, not a model made this photo memorable for me. She naturally had a retro pin up style about her and a body type from a different area which is a compliment. She is comfortable in her own skin and not obsessed to be a clothes hanger. Completely works for the bathing suite and the photo.

Beautiful Middle Eastern – Italian Model On Diamondhead Beach, Oahu

Beautiful middle eastern model

Dora has a wild exotic look due to her mixed Middle Eastern – Italian heritage, a great body thanks to yoga and a matching energetic personality. Only basic setup was required and all I had to do was to capture this model’s mind and body on photos. This photo was taken in Hawaii on Diamondhead Beach a popular place for photo shoots.

The Art Of Using Found Junk Props And Accessories At On Location Photoshoots

black and white model photography using creative accessories

As I was shooting for this native Hawaiian model’s portfolio at the foothills of Diamond Head Crater I noticed a thrown out screen door laying on the ground in other words in the trash. I love to find unexpected items after showing up on location, it is like a treasure hunt and no matter how much I plan a shoot, most often the best pictures are the result of accidents or improvisation.

Black And White Portrait Picture Of Platinum Blonde Party Girl

black and white portrait of platinum blonde girl

Just another day … actually night as I am in an internet cafe when this girl walks in very intoxicated. She is animated, constantly moving her body and hair. I grab my camera take about 25 photos all very different, many of them very nice. A few minutes later she walks out.I feel this is the most accurate representation of her on that night.

Black And White Snapshot Of Local Hawaiian Kids On Waikiki Beach

black and white portrait picture of hawaiian kids

I spent many days on the Waikiki Beach pier photographing boogie boarders. It is a busy pier so between sets there is a lot going on, many chances for setup or candid photography. I ask two kids for a photo, they agree … great faces, nice snap shot.

Dramatic Black And White Silhouette Of Hawaiian Surfer

black and white photo of surfer silhouette

I like silhouettes and I think the outline of this surfer against a bit dramatic sky works well. Pretty good angling as well makes the picture more dynamic.

Silhouette Of Flying Skateboarder On Venice Beach, California

flying skateboarder silhouette on venice beach california

This is an oldie but definitely a goodie taken on Venice Beach, California before I moved to Hawaii. This photo was an eye opener about how powerful and aesthetic silhouettes can be. I actually took some photos of the skateboarder with the sun behind me but the very busy Venice Beach background (palm trees, shops, signs, people) took away from the real subject of the photo and the action. Shooting against the sun cleared up all the junk including all color. The background transformed into a parallel 2nd story (notice in the middle someone is squatting and taking a picture of another skateboarder ready to jump).

B&W Picture Of The Sleeping Family Pet Chihuahua

cute chihuahua as a family dog

Taking a photo of a sleeping family pet is a recipe for a touching cute dog photo which shows my (deeply buried) sensitive side. The back lighting ensures soft dreamlike effect and color is not needed here. There is another photo of this Chihuahua which works best in color because the dog is awake and as his big blue eyes sadly look into the camera.

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