Beautiful Korean Fashion and Bikini Model


The scenic lava rock cliffs of Windward Coast on Oahu, Hawaii was the location for this photoshoot with a beautiful Korean girl next door with a perfect body, meaning she was a first time model.

When I started model photography I tried to find models from all walks of life: I contacted models on online portals, asked friends and even approached strangers on the street or on the beach.

Besides the brief magical window that sunrise and sunset presents, the harsh bright light and heat can create challenging daytime on location photography conditions.

Beautiful Korean Bikini Model With Perfect Body

korean bikini model

There are many ways to manage the blinding Hawaiian sun, one is finding open shade if there is no studio equipment to create that shade with. In this situation the angle of the sun did not permit me to hide the full body of the model. I am sure most of the time I would not have used this lighting.

But for obvious reasons splitting the scene into sunlit and shadowed areas works here. While the beautiful face of the model is softly lit in the shade, her beautifully sunlit, perfect body commends the full attention of the viewer.

Both of us being amateurs in model photography meant that it was just the two of us on set, no assistants holding reflectors, no make-up artists placing every hair in the right place. While this minimalist approach may have drawbacks what is gained is a chance to establish chemistry without intimidating a first time model with lights, crew and a large production.

korean swimsuit model

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that there aren’t any important details in the grid cross hairs. But due to the diagonal position of the model’s body, the composition is dynamic and exciting. Hence the lack of the Golden Ratio does not automatically “ruin” a photo.

Asian Bikini Model Against Lava Rock

asian bikini model with perfect body

The lava rock wall provides one of my most favorite backgrounds in Hawaii. It looks great in color or black and white pictures. Lava rocks provide some but not too much texture, these walls resemble professional studio backgrounds that can be used for fashion, bikini, lingerie or portrait photography.

These seamless backgrounds help setting the mood and telling the story but without being overpowering, they sufficiently stay out of the picture. This top lighting adds three dimensional look to both the model’s beautiful body and the striations of the lava rock. I like how the limbs of the model create lines that the viewer’s eyes can follow.

Asian Bikini Model photography tip

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the model’s face and her belly button are close enough to grid cross hairs to result in a balanced composition.

Asian Amateur Bikini Model On Hawaiian Beach

amateur asian bikini model lava beach

Besides the lava rock walls, the Pacific Ocean can create simple but stunning backgrounds as well.
The high cliffs adjacent to the famous tourist spot Hanauma Bay offer dramatic vantage points for the photographer.

It is really not too hard to find uncrowded photography spots in Hawaii as this location proves it.
We were 5 minutes walk away from one of the busiest tourist attractions of Oahu, enjoying complete privacy: not a single onlooker for the entire length of the photoshoot. Tourists cluster, locals spread out.

With all models I photograph but especially with amateur or first time models I give minimal instructions. Too many directions often make the model feel that thy are doing something wrong.
After describing the general theme for the given photoshoot I let the location and wardrobe inspire the model which in turn inspires me. This way the poses and facial expressions are as natural as possible.

Once again I love the lines the model’s arms and legs create and how the warm Tradewinds of Hawaii pick up her hair and make her look like she is flying over the ocean on a magic carpet made of lava rock.

amateur asian bikini model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the model’s head and knee bend are almost spot on in the cross hairs. While the Rule Of Thirds grid can be imagined via the viewfinder, only when it is superimposed on the image, is when we can see which elements of the composition occupy which square.

Elegant Korean Fashion Model Standing On Lava Rock

korean fashion model on lava rocks

Even slightly different vantage points can result in strikingly different compositions. Photographing from below puts the sky in the background which not only can eliminate distracting items in the backdrop but also create a special mood. I decided to keep a thin slice of the ocean and horizon in the picture for visual reference. I did not see it fitting to have the model standing on a hovering lava rock.

Because this photoshoot was very early in my photography I missed something that I would now consciously watch out for: I wish I would have placed a cloud behind the model’s head instead of the darker sky. The brighter background against her brown hair would have provided more contrast especially in the case of black and white conversion.

Alternately with a blonde model I would place the darker blue of the sky. Once again no special directions were given, the model’s personality, grace and femininity created this elegant and fitting pose.

korean model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that when the model is centered, hence the composition is not according to The Golden Ratio, unless it is cropped to place the subject off-center. But the statuesque pose and the rigid concept of the composition allows this static placement of the girl.

Fashion Model Striking A Beautiful Pose Over Cliff

fashion model over cliff

Really only a minor change in my position from the last image created this beautiful balanced composition. Generally I find it very important where the horizon intersects the model’s body (and preferably never her head).
The horizon is parallel not only with the three black stripes of the dress but with the two lace areas too. The horizon cuts through the model’s narrow waist in a way pointing to it, emphasizing her feminine figure.

The pose is naturally the model’s own. The stunning scenery this time brought out a beautiful, relaxed, dreamy mood in her which translates effortlessly onto the picture. All the straight lines are offset by the curve of her windswept hair which provides a relief from the otherwise static composition.

amateur fashion model photographer

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the grid crosshairs do not always have to be spot on. I wanted to place more of the water and the horizon behind the model. If I placed her face right under the crosshair, there would have been too much empty space in front of her.

Dreamy Portrait Of Beautiful Korean Girl

korean girl dreamy portrait

It is every photographer’s dream that a first time model or a non-model for that matter is intelligent, comfortable in front of the camera, able to establish chemistry and convey emotions in a natural way.

Not everyone is ready to have a big telephoto zoom lens pointed at their face and asked to be natural. What I can do to help is that I hold an informal meeting before the photoshoot to talk ideas over, maintain a non-pushy attitude on set, create a non-threatening shooting environment without lights and assistants, clearly communicate my ideas, respect the model’s boundaries, choose an inspiring and peaceful location.

What I concentrated on while taking this intimate candid-like portrait was to keep the horizon level and include a thin slice of the ocean for reference. I also had the rule of thirds in mind and placed key elements away from the center of the frame. I used the sky as the background that helped to convey the mood of the model. I used lines in the composition to lead the eyes of the viewer towards the face of the model.

dreamy portrait photography tip

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that placing the closer eye at the grid intersection is a sure way to create a balanced close-up portrait. This tip also can be utilized and placed on autopilot, when the photographer has only a split second to compose.

Model In Green Wicker Chair Over Pacific Ocean

korean model in green wicker chair

Trash, yes often it is trash found during on location photography can be a source of great props that aid in creating images that could not have been preplanned. The green wicker chair was such an item.
This chair perfectly illustrates how useful and often how perfect these props turn out to be. Its green color is in perfect harmony with the blue of the sky and ocean and with the yellow of the model’s dress. It has texture which is man made which contrasts with the natural shapes and textures of the surroundings.

The beautiful athletic body of the model took on a strong but elegant shape as she naturally arranged herself on the chair without any of my directions. I no longer remember but we might have chosen this setup and direction to look so she would not be blinded by sunshine. This side lighting adds a three dimensional look to her body and face.
I like where the horizon intercepts, it could be lower but does not need to be, but I am glad it is not higher.

model sitting in wicker chair

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that a centered subject can be made less static if the surroundings or the prop is off-center. Compare the two images, and see that the gridless version is more dynamic and less static.

Voluptuous Korean Girl Against Ocean And Sky

The next two images are here to compare the different looks I got resulting in placing both the ocean and sky in the background or only the ocean.

korean girl in green wicker chair

The way I see it: with the first picture the uniform ocean background creates less for the eyes to explore besides the model. Therefore the model gains more emphasis. She pops out much more out of the background. Adversely she is so separated from the backdrop that the water may seem to some people that it could have been added later to the image with Photoshop.

stunning Korean Girl

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that when the subject comfortably fills the frame, and is positioned diagonally, all important elements will automatically fall into place resulting in a composition that is according to The Golden Ratio.

curvy korean girl laying in chair

The second picture has a much more natural feel and balance. It is much more believable that the model was really on this location. The model’s hip, shoulder and head draw a continuous line of a gentle curve across the picture utilizing the classic compositional technique: golden ratio. The rule of thirds is automatically present as I would be hard pressed to place the model’s face anywhere but in one of these optimal areas of the frame.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Korean Girl Portrait

korean sunny portrait

Yes, the title is cheesy but these portraits are anything but. Capturing the natural beauty of this Korean girl was effortless so the pictures have a light feel to them. Simply placing the high above, hot and blinding sun behind the model put her face in an open shade where it received soft, diffused light which is perfect for beautiful portrait photography.

There are not many lines in this picture but the neckline of the white blouse does frame a beautiful diamond shaped area of bare skin which adds an eye catching visual element to the picture.

Notice how the sun creates that all important “hair light” which is often recreated in a studio setting with one or more dedicated lights used just for making the hair look shiny. This is especially important for brunettes as the glow created lightens their hair, making it look more youthful and healthy.

Also notice how important hair light is if a brunette model is in front of a dark background! The hair light will further separate the model from the backdrop. The warm color of the brown lava rock wall was a perfect background as it complimented the hair and slim body of the model beautifully.

Korean Girl Sunny Portrait

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see again how a centered subject may look great through the viewfinder, this composition will need to be cropped unless text or other element will occupy the empty areas (as in a design layout).

Landscape vs. Portrait Formats In Portrait Photography

asian beauty from hawaii

Two versions of the same beautiful portrait picture. I personally don’t have a favorite. Some people only or mostly use landscape format as it is easier to use for storytelling.

asian beauty photography tip

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that a centered portrait can slightly be more dynamic by a tilted head. Although the left eye is still far away from the grid intersection.

smiling korean girl

Especially with the classic digital aspect ratio the portrait format tends to be too tall for most photographers. Alternately this format seems to have a slimming effect. And even though this Korean beauty does not need any visual tricks to slim her, when it comes to women this technique should not be forgotten.

smiling portrait photography tip

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the beautiful smile of this Korean beauty is definitely the fitting element to be places in the grid intersection, as it is one of the first things the viewer’s eyes will notice.

Beauty And Portrait Photography Compositions

korean girl with serious face

Tilted shoulder or horizontal shoulder? Notice the lack of horizontal or vertical lines in the first picture and the dynamic effect diagonal lines create. This portrait looks more feminine to me than the next one.

serious portrait photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that any part of the face can be in the grid crosshairs, so absolute precision is not necessary. Not intentionally but the left eye, nose and left ear happen to line up beautifully along grid lines.

A lot more confident and stronger composition:
korean intimate portrait

Creating Exaggerated Diagonal Lines For Dynamic Female Model Photography

korean girl in sunny composition

It is easy to create diagonal lines by tilting the camera. In my opinion this should not be overused and yes, I am talking from personal experience. There is something funny and interesting about this picture: it does seem at first glance that the horizon is level when you look at the earth behind the model.

But when you notice the true horizon created by the ocean IS tilted you realize that the brown earth is the foothills of a mountain. Of course this happened by accident not as the result of a conscious choice made by me.

Sunny Portrait photography

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see the success of diagonal body positioning. Grid cross hair right on the model’s chin, line running from her chin to her shoulder, and another grid line halving her torso perfectly.

Shapely Korean Fashion Model

legs of korean model

The picture below exemplifies too much camera tilt for my taste. So why was not this picture immediately deleted? First of all I would not want to rob you from the experience of admiring the beautiful legs of our Korean fashion model.

Secondly I wish to illustrate the importance of learning from past mistakes. I recommend all beginner photographers to separate their throw away images and keep them for awhile. Referencing these pictures with mistakes is another form of practice. Practicing to be conscious of what does not work is just as important as concentrating on what works.

This way those split second compositional decisions can be made more accurately and comfortably while looking through the viewfinder.

leg photography tips

Overlaying the Fibonacci spiral, we can see how the curves of a body or a curving body takes the viewer’s eyes on a journey through the composition.

Beautiful Fashion Model On Rugged Coast

Beautiful Fashion Model On Rugged Coast

This was a fun and rewarding day of fashion model photography. The location was one if not my favorite part of Oahu, Hawaii: the east coast a.k.a. Windward Coast due to the rugged, tough beauty of this area and the almost ever present warm Tradewinds.

hawaiian beach photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see how the amazing landscape of a volcanic Hawaiian beach takes up one side of the composition, as the far left grid line halves the torso of the model. Usually there is more space placed in front of the model but since she is looking back this rule is not important to adhere to.

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