Night Photography with Beautiful Curvy Model


Doing nighttime bikini and lingerie model photography on the beautiful Diamond Head Beach in Hawaii is the opposite approach from the norm but that is the reason I was attracted to the idea.

The beautiful colors of the sky and ocean are lost but mystery and drama is added with the introduction of the completely black background. Also there are less onlookers, who can make first time models – or amateur photographers for that matter – nervous and self conscious.

Voluptuous Model In Blue Bikini With Dead Tree

Voluptuous Model In Blue Bikini

The mood of the pictures will also differ from sunny beach photography but not only due to the different lighting conditions. Because the altered mood of the model, her reaction to a nighttime beach environment will be different, the photographer will be inspired differently as well. During these unusual photo sessions interesting challenges and ideas present themselves, resulting in knowledge and fresh new portfolio pictures.

The shape and curves of the dead tree were tailor made for the voluptuous shape of the model. No detailed directions were given, the model effortlessly and naturally fit into the form of the tree. As an added visual aid, the horizontal arrangement of the tree helps to further elongate the model’s body.

Voluptuous Model photography

Overlaying the Fibonacci spiral, we can see that this is textbook head to toe modeling. The eyes of the viewer can follow the legs of the model and the dead tree along the athletic body of the model. The end of the spiral almost perfectly marks the face of the model.

stunning Bikini Model On Beach

Every set up needs to be photographed with minor and major variations. A completely different look is created by the athletic, strong pose of the model. The “limbs” of the dead tree and the limbs of the model create a visually interesting juxtaposition. The pose of the model compliments her voluptuous figure but without being vulgar.

Bikini Model photography techniques

Superimposing the Fibonacci spiral, the match is less exact here and the model is too centered. Cropping the image into square format could improve this photo.

Amateur Model With Perfect Body

Amateur Model With Perfect Body

Yes, I wrote perfect body just as a protest to what is presented by the advertising industry as the supposed perfect female figure. I like the composition and arrangement of elements here, especially how the curvature of the dead tree perfectly follows the curves of the model’s butt and thighs.

The model’s arms being the only straight lines in the photo offering balance against the many curving lines.
Creating this balanced composition was completely unintentional or at least unconscious.

Amateur Bikini Model photography

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the top right crosshair is right under the strong jawline of the model and her face is almost exactly halved by the vertical line. The lines of the arms of the model lead the viewer’s eye to her face and the curves of her hips are perfectly following the curving outline of the dead tree trunk.

Hawaiian Night Photography Of Beautiful Model

Beautiful Model In Blue Bikini Top

The close-up shot conveys more intimacy with the model especially due to the lack of eye contact which would have cheapened the mood in my opinion. All obvious points of interest are positioned according the the Rule Of Thirds.
This image nicely illustrates how the black background allows the model’s face to stand out without any distractions behind her.

composition of Model In Blue Bikini Top

All eye-catching and visually interesting elements of this compositions are either on Rule Of Thirds grid line crosshairs or along grid lines. The face of the model is divided into almost equal quadrants. Her chest and elevated rounded shoulder are on each sides of a vertical grid line and along a horizontal line as well.

Confident Portrait Of Lingerie Model

Confident Portrait Of Lingerie Model

I like the strength and confidence this head on portrait conveys. I prefer that at least in some of my pictures her voluptuous figure is only suggested without being displayed bluntly.

Amazon Lingerie Model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the model is too centered. This type of composition can be OK especially if it is part of a print layout with other photos or text on the side. To make this composition more dynamic, it can be cropped and the model placed way more off-center.

Model With Amazing Body In Red Lingerie

Model With Amazing Body In Red Lingerie

The red lingerie was an excellent wardrobe choice (provided by the model). Night photography favors bright colors, red being the most noticeable. It is pretty amazing how some first time and amateur models can be themselves or assume a role effortlessly in front of the camera. Self confidence and chemistry between model and photographer go a long way when creating lingerie modeling photographs.

Rule Of Thirds grid and model photography

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that this is another too-centered composition. Now the eyes of the model are along a horizontal grid line, so vertically speaking the composition is balanced.

Patriotic Red Bra, White Shirt, Blue Jeans

Patriotic red white and blue Fashion photography

The patriotic colors of the red bra, white shirt and blue jeans were unplanned but became so obvious I might as well reference them. The pose is not really a pose. Because hardly any directions are given to the model I just step back and remain an unobtrusive observer. This approach always worked for me preventing nervousness, fake smiles and contrived poses.

The slight breeze acted as a huge fan that is often used for fashion photography adding movement to the shirt and hair of the model, greatly enhancing the natural feel of the picture.

Fashion Photography with Blue Jeans

Interestingly, looking at the image without the grid lines, it seems dynamic and well balanced. With the grid lines superimposed, the model looks too centered and too static. Moral of the story: some compositions can have a model at dead center but with clothing, with body positioning or with props the illusion of a more dynamic look can be achieved.

Lingerie Model photographed at night

As mentioned before, successful set ups need to be photographed from different angles as many different ways as possible. Often times the last image in the series will be chosen as the favorite photograph. The road has to be paved by the series of images which led the photographer to the keeper image.

I have not found a way to a shortcut which eliminates the need for these intermittent images. I love this moment frozen in time, to me it does not look posed because I know it was not.

composition tips with beautiful Lingerie Model

Same explanation fits here as the previous photo. Dynamic feel achieved spite the centered model.

Beautiful Girl In White Wife Beater Shirt

Beautiful Model In White Wife Beater Shirt

The color of the white wife beater shirt is another great wardrobe choice for night photography. The arched back pose is perfect for a beautiful voluptuous model and I really like the organic texture of the lava rocks. When it is not the complete blackness of sky and the ocean in the background, night photography offers an intriguing visual element via light fall off from the flash.

Objects further in the frame (like the lava rock in the background) are less illuminated creating a nice three dimensional look and feel.

Model photography and Rule Of Thirds grid

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the model’s head is too close to the top of the frame. It is common with beginner model photographers, that they try to fit their compositions into the viewfinder so deliberately that the subject is often “trapped” and “squeezed” within the edges.

Portrait Photography With Stunningly Beautiful Model

Portrait of Stunningly Beautiful Model

Absolutely unintentional how the curving lava rocks perfectly follows the curves of the model. This is just an example of the joys of on location photography. Often times amazing details are discovered at the time of picture editing which look like they were planned by the photographer but in actuality were not.

Nighttime photography with Curvy Brunette Model

The top left and bottom right Rule Of Thirds grid crosshairs are successfully marking two of the most significant visual interests of the composition.

Celine Dion Look-Alike Beautiful Model

Celine Dion Look-Alike Beautiful Model

Another surprise was how the model became a Celine Dion celebrity look-alike for this one close-up portrait. This photograph perfectly illustrates the subtleties of varying hairstyles and camera angles even when unintentional.

night photography of Beautiful Amateur Model

Just like with any close-up portrait with the head tilted, this laying down portrait also automatically lines up one eye with a grid cross hair.

Beauty With Bare Shoulder

Beauty With Bare Shoulder

The bare shoulder look was the result of improvisation and casual exploration of ideas. The undeniable timeless classic beauty of the model made this picture successful. Her elegant swan-like pose is enhanced by her bare shoulder which is almost cheating in my part as bare shoulders are universally one of the most beautiful parts of the female body.

I also like the skin folds created by her twisted neck. Yes, “skin folds” and “twisted neck” are words that do not belong to beauty photography but they make the picture even more beautiful and real for me.

Bare Shoulder photography tips

A good example of a beautiful, flowing, balanced composition, which is not in accordance with the Rule Of Thirds grid. We could further examine what elements of the picture are along grid lines or sliced by grid lines. Check for yourself the relation between grid lines and: the model’s forehead, center of shoulder, nose, edge of ear and center of neck.

photographic composition of Bare Shoulder

Zooming out of the previous intimate close-up bare shoulder composition presents a more complete picture of our beautiful model. As you can see I removed the beauty mark from the model’s shoulder in the previous close-up version. It was distracting me, I wanted to present her shoulder as perfectly as possible.
In this version I left in the three beauty marks as they are gracefully arranged almost like a star constellation.

Beautiful Brunette Model

Same story as with the photo above. Check again for yourself the relation between grid lines and certain body parts.

Playful Portrait Of Model With Beautiful Long Hair

Portrait Of Model With Beautiful Long Hair

The model’s playful look is my favorite element in this photograph. Although rigid rules of photography would dictate to leave more empty space where the model is facing, I found it more appealing to put more space behind her as I was composing this image.

night photoshoot of voluptuous model

Provocative Portrait Of Curvy Model With Attitude

Curvy Model photographed at night

I love the provocative, in your face attitude! Nothing is pee-arranged, the expression, the pose, the opening in the shirt are all real. In this instance putting more space where the model is facing seemed like the right thing to do. These rules of photographic composition are not set in stone and definitely worth experimenting with.

provocative Model photography tips

The right eye is finally in a grid intersection! The last three photos offer an interesting insight at how not only the grid intersections matter but the grid lines too.

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