Omolola Davies of Lagos, Nigeria – Make-up Artist Interview


Q: Tell a little about yourself personally and if you attended school or you are a self taught makeup artist?
A: Well i am a simple girl from an Islamic background, i am newly married. I was initially trained by a wonderful lady called Mayowa Solaru but later i attended Beautizeal Makeover School for a more formal training.

Q: Do you think going to school for make-up artistry is important to excel in the business later on?
A: Yes going to school for make-up artistry is very important if you wish to excel in this profession, moreover things are changing new and easy methods are evolving and as a makeup artist you don’t want to outdated it will definitely kill your business.

African Make-up Artist Omolola Davies Of Lagos, Nigeria Africa

Q: Did you always wanted to be an artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance? Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist?
A: Five years ago i never dreamt of being an artist. Yes i love makeup but i haven’t even heard of marykay, all i knew was i was artistically talented, i love writing poetry and stories but i never knew i have more hidden. My cousin was the one who introduced me to makeup, i was down and restless and wasn’t really happy with life. One day she just came in and said “Lola, will you like to become a makeup artist?” I jumped at the offer not because i knew what it entails but because of the word “Artist”, and since then i never regretted my decision.

Q: What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about your job?
A: Well i love playing with colours, so i love applying shadows it thrills me.

Q: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
A: I can’t think of one.

Q: Describe your “Classic Approach to Beauty.” how do you define beauty?
A: Beauty is more than skin-deep. Beauty is unique grace and confidence, a shining light that sparkles through the eyes and smile. It’s not what you look like; it’s what you project. In short Beauty is to look more beautiful without losing the essence of what makes you uniquely attractive.

African Make-up Artist Interview Omolola Davies in Lagos Nigeria Africa

Q: What individual products and brands you’re “addicted” to at the moment and you use on a daily basis?
A: I am addicted to IMAN, MARYKAY and BLACK OPAL.

Q: What are some of the most basic but effective skin care tips in general that you have, that are really important?
A: That’s quite simple i use the general tip of CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) .

Q: Have you had an extreme, crazy or bad experience with a skin care product or during a makeup session? If so, what happened?
A: Yes i have. I remember i had to makeup a bride and i was just starting in the business i didn’t know i bought a fake loose powder, by the time i finished with my lovely bride, she was looking like like a glorified clown, luckily for me she understood and brought out her own powder for me to use.

Q: What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup? What’s the worst thing a woman can do to her skin?
A: Most women tend to think their friends product can work same way on them this is serious error because they both might not have the same skin texture. The worse thing any woman can do to their skin is to try to bleach their skin, in beauty it’s not everything that is advertised that must be used.

Q: Do teenage girls needs to splurge on high-priced makeup products, or are drugstore items are just as satisfactory?
A: Oh no! Teenage girls should try as much as possible to preserve their youth. They should only stick to products that is going to maintain their skin.

Nigerian Fashion Beauty Make-up Artist in Lagos Nigeria Africa

Q: What feature(s) do you love to accentuate and why?
A: The eyes because it is the window to the soul.

Q: What are your steps for the perfect, flawless, natural look?
A: A great natural look starts with great skin. Make sure you’re washing your face every night and using makeup remover to scrub off your war paint. Once you’ve got a clean face, moisturize. Make sure you’re choosing a moisturizer made for your skin, especially if it’s sensitive, dry or oily. Next, give your foundation or concealer a base to hold onto with a makeup primer. The key to taking your natural makeup to the next level is a gorgeous glow. Just dab on little loose powder.

Q: What is a really quick way to change a day look to a special occasion or nighttime face?
A: Simply arm yourself up with your light colour shadow and dark colour shadow, your red lipstick, lip gloss, press powder and mascara, go into the changing room and Voila! You are out within 3minutes with a lovely smokey eyes with light lips or get that red lips on with a light shade of shadow. Never get on with heavy eyes and heavy lips.

Q: What are the differences between applying makeup on models and on real women?
A: Well Models tend to need lots and lots of layering because they are going to be in front of cameras but real women just need the normal basics steps of making making up no special effect.

Q: In terms of eyeliner, if you had to choose between a pencil, liquid, or creme/gel based, which one would you choose? Why?
A: I prefer liquid eyeliner because it’s much easier for me to use.

Nigerian Professional Makeup Artist in Lagos Nigeria Africa

Q: Lip gloss or Lipstick. Which product is best? Why?
A: Well, i like and prefer lip gloss because its always hand and i have no preference on it.

Q: What brand/type of concealer is your favorite for covering up the after effects of a late night out i.e. under-eye circles, blemishes?
A: MAC Concealer.

Q: How about airbrush spray makeup trend? Are these products better or easier to use than standard sponge or finger application? If yes when would you recommend using them?
A: Airbrush spray makeup comes in varying shades for light, medium, and dark complexions.
It is generally recommended that users apply this type of foundation by first spraying it onto a wedge sponge then using the sponge to apply it evenly to the face. Do not use the fingers to apply it, as this can transfer bacteria to the face and cause breakouts.
Pricier types of airbrush makeup may be sprayed directly onto the face, but these are designed to create a thin, even layer which may not be possible with the direct application of other types of spray foundation.

Q: What do your clients think of you? What are some individual testimonials?
A: My clients like me because i am very friendly and yet still good at what i do

Q: Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?
A: I intend to become a very popular house hold name especially amongst Nigerians. My word of wisdom is “A man or Woman is not dead until regrets takes the place of his or her dreams”

Q: What tips and advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists just starting out?
A: What i will advice is that Rome is not built in a day, in this profession they have chosen they must persevere because there are lots and lots of makeup Artist out there and to Stand out requires hard work and faith in one’s self.

Connect with Omolola via her Evolve Make-up Facebook page.

Nigerian Fashion Beauty Makeup Artist in Lagos Nigeria Africa

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