Beautiful Pictures of Wild Mushrooms


Mushroom Trivia: Mushrooms have been used for coloring wool and other natural fibers. Mushrooms contain organic compounds which produce strong and vivid colors.

All of the colors of the spectrum can be created with mushroom dyes. Before the discovery of artificial dyes mushrooms were main ingredients of numerous textile dyes.

Some mushrooms (tinder fungi) can be used as fire starters.

artistic picture brown mushroom

Beautiful picture of red mushroom called toadstool with slight magenta tint

picture red mushroom toadstool

Beautiful artistic water painting looking picture of mushroom in field

artistic painting picture mushroom field

Mushroom with dome shaped like white umbrella

picture mushroom white umbrella

Brown bush toadstool mushroom photographed in forest

brown bush toadstool mushroom forest

Macro picture of brown wild forest mushroom

brown wild forest mushroom macro

Beautiful bright golden yellow mushroom head

bright golden yellow mushroom

Beautiful macro picture of brown mushrooms with blurred background

macro picture light brown mushrooms blurred background

Red and white-speckled mushroom named toadstool in a forest

red white-speckled mushroom toadstool forest

Tall mushrooms reaching towards stormy sky

tall mushrooms reaching stormy sky

Beautiful macro picture of Psilocybe Cubensis Thai mushroom

Psilocybe Cubensis Thai macro

Beautiful artistic picture of Cantharellus cibarius mushroom

artistic picture Cantharellus cibarius mushroom

Rustic rendition of Shaggy Mane mushroom

rustic picture Shaggy Mane mushroom

Beautiful macro picture of mushroom head

macro picture mushroom head

Beautiful close-up photograph of yellow lemon mushrooms

macro picture yellow lemon mushrooms

Yellow mushrooms that look like delicious pastry rolls

macro picture yellow mushrooms pastry rolls

Whimsical macro picture of a single white mushroom

whimsical macro picture single white mushroom

Angelic soft composition of a single white mushroom

angelic backlit soft macro picture single white mushroom

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