Beautiful Fuzzy Poppy Flower Buds Pictures


Red poppy flower trivia: Throughout ages in different cultures red poppy flowers have been the symbols of sleep and death.

Sleep was associated with poppies because of their opium content, death because of their (commonly) blood-like red color.

Canada minted unique quarters featuring red poppy on the back. The 2004 Canadian “poppy” quarter was the 1st colored coin in the world.

bursting bud bright red poppy flower petals

Closed green Oriental poppy flower buds

closed green oriental poppy flower buds

Field of beautiful fuzzy green poppy flower buds

fuzzy green poppy flower buds

Bright and sunny field of just opening poppy flower buds

sunny field opening poppy flower buds

Bursting bud papaver flower petals that look like flames

bursting bud papaver poppy flower petals flames

Beautiful green poppy flower bud with white fuzz

fuzzy green poppy flower bud

Fuzzy opening poppy flower bud picture

fuzzy opening poppy flower bud

Close-up picture of fuzzy poppy flower bud

macro close-up picture fuzzy poppy flower bud

Beautiful macro flower photography of pink poppy bud

macro flower photography pink poppy bud

Sunny photo of fuzzy closed poppy flower bud

sunny photo fuzzy closed poppy flower bud

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