Beautiful Pictures of Butterflies on Flowers


Butterfly trivia: butterflies mostly eat nectar from flowers but also get nutrients from pollen, tree sap, over ripe fruit, dung, decaying meat, and dissolved minerals of the ground.

The sight of butterflies is well developed, most species are sensitive to the ultraviolet light range.

Several types of butterflies closely guard their territories and will chase away intruding species.

White cabbage Moth butterfly water color painting photoshop effect

Beautiful butterfly image with grunge texture

butterfly grunge texture

White cabbage moth

White cabbage Moth butterfly

Creative sunlit photo of Julia Longwing butterfly a.k.a. Julia Heliconian

Julia Longwing Butterfly - Julia Heliconian sunlight

South American butterfly with amazing clear wings on colorful flowers

clear wings South American butterfly

Sharp macro photo of small skipper butterfly

small skipper Thymelicus sylvestris macro

Small copper butterfly – Lycaena Phlaeas on purple flower

Small copper butterfly on purple flower

Beautiful butterfly with broken wing

butterfly broken wing

Macro photo of butterfly hanging out on flower

macro photo beautiful butterfly hanging on flower

Vibrant colors of beautiful butterfly on orange flower

vibrant colors beautiful butterfly orange flower

Southeast Asia blue tiger butterfly on red flower

blue tiger butterfly red flower Southeast Asia

White cabbage moth on purple flower

White cabbage Moth butterfly purple flower

Beautiful butterfly on purple flower

butterfly purple flower

Vibrant image of beautiful butterfly on purple flower

vibrant beautiful butterfly purple flower

Zebra longwing butterfly on pink flower

Zebra Longwing Butterfly macro photo pink flower

Beautiful butterfly on bright banana shaped yellow flower

butterfly bright banana shaped yellow flower

Photo of beautiful butterfly

macro photo beautiful butterfly moth

Striking image of blue butterfly on vibrant red flower

blue butterfly vibrant red flower

Close-up photo of beautiful butterfly on purple flower

close-up photo beautiful butterfly purple flower

Cute furry butterfly hanging on blue flower

cute furry butterfly blue flower

Chinese windmill butterfly on orange flower

photo Chinese Windmill butterfly orange flower

Gatekeeper butterfly on beautiful purple globe thistle flower

gatekeeper butterfly purple globe thistle flower

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