Japanese Lingerie Model Photographed at Night


I enjoy exploring photography concepts that are not always mainstream. Nighttime lingerie model photography on the beach was such an idea.

The typical location for Hawaiian lingerie and bikini model photography are the beautiful sunny beaches of course. But what happens if we substitute the sunlight with moonlight and a flash?

How do basic photography techniques change: composition, choice of background, lighting, etc.

Exotic Japanese Lingerie Model Crawling

Exotic Japanese Lingerie Model Crawling

Let’s look at a few nighttime photos I took of a Japanese lingerie model on the popular Sandy Beach on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. This is an excellent location where I have photographed swimsuit models and body boarders during the day.

The mighty Hawaiian waves have carved a very low, maybe two feet high cave into the rocks. This gave me the idea to have the model crawl out of the darkness into the light. I arranged the composition in a way that the curve of the lava rock wall would compliment the curve of the model’s butt. The two curves almost touch giving the photo somewhat of a claustrophobic feel.

I have done a few of these night time photoshoots, trial and error definitely is the way to progress and there is a lot to learn from unsuccessful photos. This photography tip may be unconventional: save your “worst photos” from every photoshoot in a special folder; name the folder something funny like “The-Road-To-Greatness”.

I imagine most beginner photographers are quick to discard these not so great shots just to forget the painful memories of these growing years.

These photos are not only valuable assets for learning purposes but also great material for blog posts about photography tips tricks and techniques. Admittedly using your worst photos in your blog takes some courage but the resulting tutorials will not only be unique but highly informative as well.

I work alone without assistants therefore with out reflector and a big studio setup. It’s always been like this and I like the intimacy my photos gain from the model being comfortable.

lingerie model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the model should be further back for her face to be in a grid intersection, but that would have centered her too much. Nevertheless, her head is perfectly lined up with the top horizontal grid line, hence somewhat adhering to the Rule Of Thirds.

Beautiful Asian Lingerie Model Against Rock Wall

Asian Lingerie Model Against Rock Wall

Lava rocks have great texture which I utilize during many of my photoshoots. Nighttime is no different, the way the light falls off with the increased distance from the flash can create a visual effect that is quite different from what daytime photography produces.

In general you can create more of a 3-D effect when objects closer to the camera are brighter than distant ones. This happens automatically during nighttime photography as seen here: the closer the rock the brighter it is.

Utilizing this visual effect happens to be a popular Photoshop trick as well; by lightening (dodging) objects closer and darkening (burning) ones farther can dramatically increase the 3-D effect of otherwise flat images.

nighttime model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the obvious flaw, the model is too centered. It is a matter of opinion if this composition is acceptable and as usual, cropping during post production can off-center the model easily.

Exotic Japanese Girl In Neon Green Fishnet Top

Exotic Japanese Girl In Green Fishnet

One of the favorite side effects of nighttime photography for me is that backgrounds disappear and are replaced by a black canvas.

Color photos look more saturated against dark backgrounds than light ones and the same is true for subjects in the photo that are against a dark background. Therefore choosing colorful clothes for nighttime photography is definitely worth paying attention to.

Busy backgrounds can present a challenge during on location photography therefore spite the seemingly complex task of doing night time photography some of its aspects are simplified compared to daytime photography.

nighttime lingerie model photography tips

Does a slightly off-center subject, that breaks the Rule Of Thirds, still present a visually exciting composition?

asian lingerie model on beach

One tip for nighttime photography composition is to “mind your foreground”. As often the background is “lost” you only have the foreground assisting telling the story.

Utilizing several of the above tips mentioned can be observed in the next photo: the simple dark background lacks unnecessary elements, the bright neon greet fishnet top really pops out of the darkness, there is enough sand and water illuminated in the foreground to know that we are on the beach.

exotic lingerie model photography tips

When a full body is photographed using the 3:2 aspect ratio, and the subject fills in the frame, the face will not be placed according to the Rule Of Thirds. Regardless, a slightly off-centered composition – that places more space in front of the model than behind her – will result in a balanced picture.

mysterious concept of night beach photography

A universal photography tip which I always keep in mind is to really explore / exploit a successful setup, in other words when something looks great in the viewfinder, you should shoot it from different angles being as creative as possible to maximize the potential of that setup.

This may sound obvious but too many times I have seen contact sheets from beginner photographer’s photoshoots where there is hardly any difference from frame to frame.

During the editing process I often choose the last image from a series which was shot after seemingly very good photos. I could have stopped earlier when I already had those good photos but once the urge to constant striving for new ways of seeing is ingrained into the photographer’s mind the process becomes unconscious and flies on autopilot.

The only major change from the previous photo is the vantage point but the resulting image is quite different.
The dark background is replaced by the foam produced by the crashing waves telling even a more complete story. I really like the way the water is illuminated and how there is less and less light as we look further away.

lingerie model photography with flash

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that tilting the camera usually saves the day and the composition. But beginner model photographers be aware: you don’t want your entire portfolio engled and have the viewers of your photos neck permanently tilted to the side.

lingerie model in crashing waves

One of my pet peeves is to shoot almost everything in both portrait and landscape format. One never knows which version will be needed or look better. Plus it’d be a total waste of resources to only photograph a setup in the most obvious way therefore cutting the number final images in half.

The difference is clear if you compare the previous image with the next one. Same location, taken moments apart and the result is two completely different photos.

photographing models in crashing waves

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that this is not an exact match but close enough. After all, casual viewers do not hold up a Rule Of Thirds grid in front of their eyes.

exotic looks via night beach photoshoot

Another example of how to vary composition and how nighttime photography (at least on the beach) emphasizes the foreground while completely discarding the background. These images could successfully be used in web graphics or printed promotional materials as the large black areas provide ample spaces for accompanying text.

how to do stunning night model photography

Less sand and more night sky would have placed the model lower and would have positioned her face closer to the bottom right Rule Of Thirds grid cross hair.

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