Curvy Fashion And Lingerie Model In Cornfield


While in Germany during one of my European photography trips I decided to find the most exotic location possible for lingerie model photography.

Living in Hawaii provides truly diverse outdoor locations one of them being tropical rainforests.

Finding a comparable match in Germany might have been a challenge if it was not for some good old fashioned cornfields.

Beautiful Lingerie Model In Cornfield

Beautiful Lingerie Model In Cornfield

They are green, lush and .. that’s about all the resemblance but the whole shoot turned into an inside joke and the following photos always put a smile on my face. You can take the photographer out of Hawaii but cannot take Hawaii out of the photographer .. something to that effect.

The natural curves of this lingerie model could symbolize the bountifulness of harvest. Whatever the interpretation, any given day a voluptuous lingerie model in the middle of a cornfield is a unique sight!

voluptuous Lingerie Model in Cornfield

Fashion Model Photography On German Wind Farm

voluptuous model posing on wind farm

But let’s start at the beginning of the photoshoot and progress in chronological order. Even if the session is mainly focused on bikini or lingerie model photography usually the first wardrobe look is fashion. Fashion is a good theme to start with especially when it is the first photoshoot with the model. With fashion photography less skin is showing so the model is more comfortable in front of a new photographer.

This is not really an issue when photographing experienced models but a really good rule of thumb with first time or amateur models. This picture combines the visuals of beautiful curves and a German wind farm. For that purpose it is a success.

Model photography on Wind Farm

Voluptuous Model And Wind Turbine

Voluptuous Model And Wind Turbine

Tilting the camera upward or downward may sound trivial but it is quite underutilized in model portfolio photography. As perspective is introduced the photographer must be mindful that body parts closer to the camera will appear to be larger. This technique often places a much improved background behind the model (usually eliminating clutter found at eye level) as seen here.

Plus the wind turbine would not have fit in the photo otherwise. I believe the sleek line created by the pole of the wind turbine nicely elongates the curvy body of the model. The summer clouds and the strip of the cornfield complete the image and provide enough story.

Model with Curvy Body at Wind Turbine

Amazon Model With Athletic Muscular Body

Amazon Model With Athletic Muscular Body

The pose may be a bit over the top but it works for this fashion model with shapely body and natural curves. I am including a few versions of this cornfield and wind turbine concept just to demonstrate how slight variations in composition can produce really different images.

When all elements fall into place it is a good practice to spend time and shoot the scene in as many different ways as possible. The only “downside” is the headache encountered during the editing process if there are too many great shots.

Model with Shapely Body and Natural Curves

Curvy Lingerie Model Posing In Corn Field

lingerie model with in shape body

The idea of photographing a lingerie model with a shapely body in the middle of a cornfield already sets the tone for the day. Having fun will increase the level of creativity and experimentation both on the side of the photographer and model.

Angling the camera creates diagonal lines which translate to dynamic and visually exciting composition. I like how the model’s body is breaking through the corn. The position of the leaves was random and not purposefully arranged perhaps due to this natural movement it is so appropriate how her bosom is aiding her to part the leaves.

creative Model photography at Cornfield

amateur lingerie model with natural curves

A bit less mystery and more skin is visible as the model emerges from the corn field. Photographing a lingerie model perfect natural curves has its advantages. Her presence in the cornfield implies a farmgirl theme which in turn requires a girl next door image.

A model with huge fake silicon breasts would be somewhat inappropriate for this type of photo. Probably nobody would ask what she is doing in the middle of a cornfield but if nothing else subconsciously there would be “something wrong” with the photo.

Lingerie Model Photographed on Corn Field

underwear model with incredible body

One more version of the same setup with a different body angle. It’s incredible how diverse images can look taken just a few seconds apart with only minor alterations made to shooting angle, position of photographer or the model’s pose. The pink flowers on the bra and the pink lace on the panties nicely match the color scheme of the scenery.

Underwear Model and girl next door on Cornfield

Curvy Lingerie Model In Black Lace Panties

curvy model wearing black lace

After a change of wardrobe we had to bring into focus the beautiful butt of the model framed by her black lace lingerie. I prefer modeling poses not to be contrived and as natural as possible. The photo almost has a candid feel to it as the model was surprised by a paparazzi photographer.
This photo received a fair amount of praise and attention according to the model as it is part of her portfolio.

Beautiful Model in Black Lacy Lingerie

Blonde Underwear Model Stretching In Corn Field

Underwear Model stretching in corn field

Using poses, the surroundings and props to elongate the shapely body of a model with natural curves is advisable for photographers especially if we consider the camera adding 10 pounds.
This pose was natural as it was not a result of instructions from me which always adds the feel of spontaneity. The reaching up pose happens to be totally appropriate as the tall corn also reaches for the sky.

The visual uniqueness of black lace lingerie in a cornfield ensures that the image stands out from “everyday model portfolio images”.

Model with Natural Curves wearing Black Lingerie

Model With Sheep Skin Coat And Belt Buckle

farm girl wearing sheepskin coat

I am including three more pictures no longer from the cornfield but by the same model from another day with a similar farm girl theme. I think the composition is quite subtle as the perfect natural curves of the model being visible definitely make the sheepskin coat a more interesting wardrobe choice. The choker which is not really a necklace but a belt made into one and large belt buckle are really good accessories as well.

I love back lighting and it works beautifully here highlighting the blonde hair of the model. The sun is about to set and from all the ingredients mentioned above the photo gains a nice country theme which I had envisioned for this shoot.

busty Model in Sheepskin Coat

Portrait Of Model With Different Eye Colors

Portrait Of Model With Different Eye Colors

A seemingly simple country girl portrait with a ponytail but with a lot of ingredients I used to tell the story of the model. A closer look at the choker shows how to use a belt creatively. The beautiful cleavage and the edges of the black lace bra, the fur collar of the coat and the ponytail all create lines leading the eyes of the viewer towards the model’s face. Even the lines of the background are pointing at the model’s face.

These lines are important for photographers not to just stumble upon by accident but to consciously incorporate into their photos. Observant viewers may notice that the model has different colored eyes (naturally).

Blonde Model's Ponytail Portrait

Intimate, Candid, Soft Focus Portrait Picture

intimate close-up portrait

This was close-up portrait was an impulse photo on my part. It was not the result of a formal setup. I just happened to notice how beautiful the light was on the model’s face coupled with her quiet and intimate expression. Moments like this are usually possible because of the chemistry between model and photographer and cannot be faked.

The picture being out of focus is actually a technical mistake which fortunately adds even more beauty to the image and becomes an essential ingredient.

tricks of Close Up Portrait photography

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