Asian Fashion and Bikini Model in Rainforest


Manoa Valley, the popular destination for both tourists and locals on the island of Oahu, Hawaii was the location for this bikini and fashion photoshoot.

The model was an oriental beauty of mixed ethnicity and diverse looks spanning from exotic to timeless beauty to androgynous.

As usual there was no assistant, make-up artist or stylist on set, all wardrobe and accessories were provided by the model. She did visit a professional MAC makeup artist before the shoot to get made up to match the colors of a tropical rainforest.

Asian Model Posing in Tropical Bamboo Forest

Asian Model Posing in Tropical Bamboo Forest

This first bikini model picture was taken in a fantastic bamboo forest. Without proper studio lights, reflector and assistants the harsh burst of an on camera flash was used. I do like the look this aggressive lighting method creates. It is invasive, unforgiving and enhances the voyeuristic experience of the viewer.

Orange being the color opposite (complementary color) of green works great here.

Model With Strong Jaw Line

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that due to the positioned of the model’s back-reaching arm, her face is too centered it to be in grid cross hairs. But because of the dynamic nature of the pose and the interesting lines the bamboo create, there are key elements not on grid intersections but along grid lines.

Notice: the flower, the model’s mouth and bent left elbow along a grid line. So even though the model could be less centered, the composition is acceptable and dynamic enough.

Peaceful Rainforest Portrait Of Oriental Beauty

Peaceful Portrait Of Oriental Beauty

Once the viewer forms an interpretation of a photo at least for me it is very hard to change that mental image. The peaceful, quiet beauty of this picture reminded me of the Mona Lisa. It is a highly individual impression that may not get repeated with any other viewer. I specially like the contrast of textures between the model’s skin and the tree bark.

Rainforest Portrait Of Oriental Beauty

Because I wanted to include plenty of rough tree bark – perhaps too much – to contrast against the smooth skin of the model, her face is too centered here. By cropping out some of the tree trunk, the balance can be titled but the 3:2 aspect ratio will be lost.

Still, the flower – which is an important element – is in a grid intersection. This “saves” the photo and adds enough balance to it.

Exotic Portrait In Mystical Forest

Exotic Portrait In Mystical Forest

An exotic beauty and a tropical rainforest location offers endless inspiration and countless possibilities when it comes to light, mood, background, composition, etc. As usual I remain unobtrusive during the photography session, giving guidance and instructions to communicate my ideas but stepping back and observing for the majority of the time.

This is my way of bringing out real emotions thus creating effortless photographs.

Exotic Portrait Of Oriental Beauty

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that the position of the model’s left eye is pretty much perfect. Also notice how the opposite grid intersection marks her shoulder and how the bottom horizontal grid line marks her chin.

Tropical Editorial Style Asian Fashion Model

Tropical Editorial Style Asian Fashion Model

I love the lines and geometry of this photo. The tree trunk, the arms of the model, even the neck strap of the dress all guide the eyes of the viewer towards the model’s face.

All lines are diagonal, there isn’t a single horizontal or vertical line (besides the top of the dress which is negligible). Diagonal lines create excitement, movement and elegance. The face of the model is placed in the frame according to the rule of thirds to achieve a balanced composition.

Asian Fashion Model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that once again the left eye is in the optimal location within the frame. Notice how the left vertical grid line runs from the model’s fingers through her bent elbow and how the bottom grid line runs through her bracelet.

Oriental Fashion Model With Exotic Flowers

Oriental Fashion Model With Exotic Flowers

The Paris Hilton signature over the shoulder look adds playfulness to this picture. Repeating colors is an old time tested technique and the pink dress, pink purse, ring, earrings and flowers provide a much needed color balance opposing the large areas of green.

Once again diagonal lines are utilized (courtesy of the leaf’s veins) to draw the viewer’s attention to the model’s face.

rainforest Fashion Model photography tips

Overlaying the Fibonacci spiral, we can see that the eyes of the viewer may choose this path, running from the bright pink purse, along the tropical leaf, arriving to the model’s face. Of course the initial attention would be directed towards the model’s face but as the viewer further studies the composition, other paths would be also traveled.

Beautiful Smile Of Model From Bird’s-eye View

Smile Of Model From Bird's-eye View

The beautiful smile of the model and the unique vantage point make this picture eye catching for me. I always am on the lookout for unusual angles after the usual ones are exhausted. In this case climbing up on a huge boulder and aiming the camera directly downward compressed the model’s body into a pink flower-like shape. Her natural self embrace – not directed by me completes the circular shape of the above mentioned flower.

Besides me composing the picture all elements were unsolicited gifts from the model creating another effortless photograph.

Model photography tips From Bird's-eye View

Overlaying the Fibonacci spiral, we can see how this interesting above vantage point of a squatting model introduced a circular shape, with the spiral ending at one of the more eye-catching elements of the composition: the flower in the model’s hair.

Asian Fashion Model Bending Backward

Asian Fashion Model In Beautiful Designer Dress

On location photoshoots are full of unexpected surprises and synchronicities that produce images which could never have been preconceived. When we arrived to this spot the opening in the rainforest canopy and the sun’s position allowed a beam of sunlight to hit this huge rock just at the right spot illuminating the model’s face. The somewhat harsh light happened to be appropriate for the model’s strong features.

As the model’s face entered this natural spotlight her body curved backwards creating an elegant s-shaped curve. This pose in turn rearranged the folds of the designer dress creating eye catching lines along her torso.

jungle Fashion Model photography tips

Overlaying the Fibonacci spiral, we can see that due to that fortunate choice of the model to bend backward, an interesting line is drawn, that take the viewer’s attention along an elegant path. Although the end of the spiral is not on her face, it is close enough.

Quiet Beauty Of Asian Fashion Model

Quiet Beauty Of Asian Fashion Model

Same rock as on the above picture, but a completely different mood. Quiet beauty is captured in the spirit of less is more .. or less is enough to be precise.

The colors of the dress and the rock are in beautiful harmony. Yes with a more sophisticated lighting equipment this image would have been a lot better. These images can serve as examples though for other amateur photographers: modest photography gear can produce enjoyable photos!

photographing Exotic models on location

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that even more clearly how a totally centered model composition will have little to no adherence to the Golden ratio. If the image is part of a publication layout with other text and elements around her, the composition is acceptable. If not, some cropping may be needed to add some more visual excitement.

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