Amateur Russian Fashion Model Photography


Even if you are not a rich and famous professional photographer it is possible to travel internationally, find and photograph models you find inspiring.

A smaller budget actually will inevitably cut down on gear and eliminate lots of inconveniences.

These are not only unforgettable experiences and adventures but they can also improve the photographer’s improvisational, compositional and all around creative skills.

Beautiful Young Russian Model Portrait

portrait photography with beautiful young russian girl

At first look foreign countries can offer cultural and language barriers, lack of contacts and networking opportunities, lack of familiarity with locations, models, make-up artists.
It is easy to get intimidated but it is not all that difficult with some planning ahead and by having an easy going attitude. (More tips at the end of this post.)

The first photo is a portrait of a Russian teen fashion model who I choose to photograph when I visited on1 Model Management in Berlin, Germany.

The beautiful soft lighting is courtesy of a courtyard of an old fashioned Berlin apartment building. I love the eye contact! Not all amateur models can be this confident and be themselves in front of the camera.

After choosing the destinations, the first step of planning an international fashion photography trip is to scout for models. This can be done by contacting local modeling agencies via email and asking if they need model portfolio photoshoots for their new faces. The answer is usually yes as there is nothing to loose for all parties involved because there is no payment for these sessions.

Another way is to directly contact models and make-up artists via ModelMayhem, Jurgita or other model portal websites. It helps if you have a decent online portfolio to convey the quality of work the model can expect from you.

Being referred by an agency is slightly better but direct contact is not unusual at all. The model may bring a companion with her for safety and it is usually understood that this chaperon “stays out of the picture” and offers no interruption during the photoshoot.

amateur Portrait photography

Beautiful Russian Fashion Model In Berlin

fashion model in berlin

At the start of each photoshoot I prefer to step back and shoot from a distance to establish chemistry without immediately introducing intimidating concepts or close-ups.
This photoshoot with the young Russian model started at the fantastic Tiergarten area of Berlin with simple full body shots to get warmed up. This is the time to gauge the model’s best angles and personality.

As always with these types of on the road photoshoots the model provides the wardrobe. Models are also knowledgeable about locations (which you can double check with Google or Flickr image search).

The improvisational adventure starts with matching never seen wardrobes and models with never seen locations on the spot. These kinds of challenges ensure every shooting day is fun, exciting and unique, full of unexpected details resulting in a very diverse body of photographs.

Model Photography tips from Berlin's Tiergarten

Beautiful Model In White Dress With Swans

Beautiful Model In White Dress With Swans

On this photo I like how the white dress is in harmony with the white (and not so white) swans of the Tiergarten lake. This is still during the beginning few minutes of the photoshoot also not every model can block out if there are people around. As we lost the spectators and progressed with the photoshoot you will see how moods and comfort levels can change.

Model photography concept with Swans

Beautiful Portrait Of Blonde Russian Girl

Beautiful Portrait Of Blonde Russian Girl

Still around the lake we found some privacy under some trees. There was no place to change but the white dress still nicely complimented the surroundings. Not having assistants means there was no reflector but I never mind the some natural shadows, they make portraits more real and often a bit sinister or evil. Much can be fixed and improved in Photoshop but I prefer keeping some degree of realism.

tips on photographing amateur Russian Models

Fashion Model Posing In Pink Mini Dress

Fashion Model Posing In Pink Mini Dress

Adjacent to Tiergarten we found an office building with some interesting geometry. With no onlookers around us anymore we could have more fun with poses and compositions. The cute mini dress was chosen so its color would really pop against the gray walls of the building. We took many versions of different poses here, the model had a great personality!

on-location model photography techniques

russian teen in pink mini dress

Usually I do not give too many instructions to models about posing, I may describe the general feel or story of the photos but I prefer the model to be inspired by the make-up, wardrobe, location so in turn I can get my inspiration from the model.

It is a kind of non-forceful, always evolving, effortless creative process. The cute pose and the eye catching pink mini dress was a good combination here as well.

Teen Fashion Model photography

russian girl next door in pink dress

This is a fun collage … the Russian quintuplets! It shows how confident, intelligent models can change poses, hold them and move on to the next one giving the photographer only one problem: choosing a favorite image from too many successful shots.

russian teen model photography

There are countless versions to shoot one concept, when something looks promising I try to capture it from every imaginable angle.

In life the first thought is often the best one but in the case of taking pictures time and time again a series of photos usually keep improving. During the editing process I often choose the last version thanking myself that I kept on experimenting.

amateur Teen Model photography

Teen Fashion Model Wearing Rainbow Mini Dress

The rainbow colored mini dress was the obvious choice to wear against the almost colorless walls.
Teen Fashion Model Wearing Rainbow Mini Dress

In the courtyard of the apartment building where I stayed we found excellent soft light and perfect studio quality backgrounds in the form of old weathered walls.

photography Tips for colorful fashion concepts

stunning russian high fashion model

Outdoor locations offer not only endless backgrounds but often exciting unforeseen props.
The small table in the courtyard gave us a chance to break up the rigid structure of photos against the walls and give the second part of the photoshoot a more high fashion editorial feel.

first time Fashion Model photography

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