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You too can be an international lingerie, bikini and fashion model photographer even against seemingly difficult odds. There are many ways to travel on a budget and to find amateur or agency represented models for free.

Traveling on a budget can be easily researched and by contacting local model agencies by e-mail even amateur photographers with a decent online portfolio can arrange photoshoots with the agency’s new faces.

Blonde German Model Laying On Red Leather Couch

Blonde German Model Laying On Red Leather Couch

I love props and accessories even something as simple is the red fashion book … red book, red couch … once a prop is part of the image taking it away would result in a way inferior photo.
Improvisation, making the best of the current situation and by letting creativity flow are great ways to capture unique images.

This post features an amateur blonde German model who is also a dancer. I choose this photo as an opening image because it symbolizes the essence of these photography trips: getting off your smelly couch so you can photograph a lingerie model on a red leather couch in the penthouse of a Dusseldorf modeling agency.

Another more graceful analogy can be drawn for travel and photography from the beautiful s-shaped curve of the model’s body: as Sheryl Crow sings it “Everyday is a winding road, I get a little bit closer”.

Having to travel light may mean you need to severely cut down on the photographic equipment you normally use. Lack of equipment is not a handicap (unless you are used to Annie Leibovitz type of production), some of the word’s best photographers work with the bare minimum of hardware.

Less equipment can mean increased mobility, a generally faster way to do photography and a more streamlined production. It can not only make you appreciate the little you will have with you on the road but also raise your awareness about unnecessary access gear; just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you should buy it and lug it around.

Perhaps the most important ingredient when planning these international photography trips is wanderlust (which happens to be genetic with Hungarians) but not unattainable by others either. Wanderlust in photography is not only the willingness but the unstoppable urge to get off the couch and travel to new places and photograph new faces.

amateur lingerie model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that even though there aren’t any key visual elements under grid intersections, the gridlines themselves do slice up the image and the figure of the model in an interesting way. Notice the half intersected head, and right chest, the keft hand and both the right and left side of the hip .. and so on.

Portrait Of Amateur Model With Smoky Eyes

Portrait Of Amateur Model With Smoky Eyes

But back to the photoshoot; it started as many does with fashion and portrait photography. It is a good way to warm up and get acquainted before more intimate themes are introduced. This just a simple portrait shot in the lobby of a Dusseldorf hotel.

model portrait photography tips

Both eyes are right under Rule Of Thirds grid lines, making this a double bull eye composition.

Blonde Model In Reflective Elevator

Blonde Model In Reflective Elevator

Another portrait with a reflection taken through an open elevator door. The reflection of the v-neck of the black dress creates an interesting zigzagging line across the photo which adds an unusual visual element.

We had to leave the hotel after awhile and we were planning to just walk around and find more locations on the street. Unfortunately rain ruined that idea and we decided to head back to the modeling agency and call it a day after just a few photos.

amateur model photography tips

Overlaying the Rule Of Thirds grid, we can see that this interesting double reflection portrait has two relations to the Rule Of Thirds grid: how the model’s face is in a grid crosshair and how her head’s reflection is halved by a grid line.

Model In Beautiful White Haute Couture Dress

Model In Beautiful White Haute Couture Dress

As we were walking back I noticed interesting lights that might have creative uses which turned out to be in a museum. After short negotiation we were granted permission to take a few photos.

The model quickly changed in to a beautiful white designer dress (courtesy of the modeling agency) which I found to be most appropriate for the location and light source. As you can see on the picture the height and strength of the lights was just right. What a relief we were able take not only more photos but some unique ones as well.

fashion model composition tips

If the model was positioned off-center, there would be a better chance for an interesting visual detail to be in a cross hair of the Rule Of Thirds grid.

Portrait Of Amateur Model With Strong Features

Portrait Of Amateur Model With Strong Features

A profile photo of a ballet dancer could be the theme of this picture. I really like the angle the dancer’s body enters the image. Diagonal lines always produce visual excitement. The otherwise empty area on the bottom right is now filled with the skirt of the designer dress which resembles a white tutu (appropriate for the model / dancer).

how to photograph elegant dancers

Like with most leaning portraits, or with portraits that have a head-tilt, the face of the model here “automatically” gets placed according to the Golden Ratio. Two more grid intersections also mark esthetically important details: the back of her neck and the dead-center of her shoulder.

European Lingerie Model On Red Leather Couch

Lingerie Model On Red Leather Couch

Back at the modeling agency we got another lucky break: because we were not able to take too many photos due to the rain we got to use the agency’s penthouse.

This is just an example of what is possible on a zero dollar / euro photoshoot budget. When I contacted this model agency to do portfolio photography for their new faces I never would have hoped for free professional make-up, several free designer dresses and free access to the penthouse!

In the penthouse I created a makeshift set by pushing two red leather sofas together. The model was quite tall so the sofas were another lucky break; my photographic choices would have been severely limited with only one sofa.

The model’s pose is a bit awkward which I like a lot and did not want corrected. The sofas are angled on purpose so the lines created by them are diagonal which add a dynamic feel the the photo.

Unmistakeably in dead center is the model’s curvy butt around which the whole composition pivots. The first image of this post is from this batch as well but composed in a completely different way with a closer crop and with the eye catching visual of the s-shaped curve.

how to photograph amateur lingerie models

The above image does have a dynamic and balanced composition, but as we can see, not due to the Rule Of Thirds grid. Moral: certain compositional techniques can substitute for the need to adhere to the Golden ratio.

Portrait With Smoky Eye Make-up

Portrait With Smoky Eye Make-up

The dramatic smoky eye make-up was my request as I wanted to push the strong look of this quintessential German model. This shot from above vantage point is one of my favorites, I love the look of the eyes as seen from above.

Also the silhouette of the profile changes too and becomes a lot more dramatic as opposed to the straight on portrait. The eye contact is intense and intimate but natural.

dramatic model photography tips

After thousands of photos taken, the model or portrait photographer will automatically place the face of the subject according to the Rule Of Thirds grid.

Athletic Dancer In Black Lingerie

Athletic Dancer In Black Lingerie

The model agency’s penthouse offered a few more setups. Simplicity is always welcome and the whiteness of the background was most appropriate for lingerie model photography. The model is also a dancer so graceful poses came naturally like this classic pose which utilizes a subtle s-shaped curve.

The curvature of the model’s body is a very pleasant visual element and notice it represents the only non-straight line in the photo therefore emphasizing the feminine form of the model’s body.

athletic model photography tips

The curve of that pushed out hip saves the otherwise quite static composition. Otherwise the model is too centered for this to be considered a balanced or dynamic arrangement.

model with smoky eyes make-up

An intense dramatic portrait with smoky eyes make-up that immediately becomes a prime candidate for black and white conversion.

photography tips for smoky eye make-up

Not the Rule Of Thirds grid intersections matter when it comes to the above image but how and where the grid lines slice up the composition.

model with perfect body in black lingerie

I like images where the surroundings are naturally colorless and only the subject or the model has color. Even the lingerie is black which adds to the “black and whiteness” of the photo. This can be also achieved with a popular Photoshop touch-up technique.

The model has a perfect body and knows how to pose it with confidence. Look at how much attitude is being conveyed by the diagonal line created by the uneven shoulders.

how to photograph a model with perfect body

Another instance of a curved hip breaks up the strong geometry of straight lines.

Beautiful Blonde European Lingerie Model Laying On Bed Under Skylight

amateur underwear model under skylight

The penthouse was most fitting for lingerie photography so that’s what we continued with. The bed with the white linen under the bright skylight was an excellent arrangement. Once again there was my favorite naturally black and white set courtesy of the white bed, white wall and black pillows.

As usual I did not direct the model and let her pose as she felt comfortable. You cannot take the dancer out of the model but it was not necessary either. The whole pose with the high heel grabbed is very dancer like but that is the model’s essence so I would only cause harm to the photos by trying to suppress it in her.

first time amateur lingerie model

I wanted to place ample amount of the white bed sheet at the bottom of the image. This in turn did push the face of the model upward within the composition but not too far from the nearby grid crosshair.

edgy lingerie model on white bed

Yes, I love shooting downward when appropriate and I love the angle of this photo. You can gain appreciation for this composition if you examine the previous image. Many elements from the backgrounds are gone and the composition is more simple.

The model’s beautiful athletic body draws the graceful line of the now familiar s-shaped curve. The dramatic smoky eye make-up coupled with the eyes looking upward adds an evil touch to the photo.

Evil and lingerie model is not commonly used in the same sentence (just Google “evil lingerie model”) both text and image searches. Call it edgy, dramatic, intense or evil I love this look; it represents the opposite of safe and boring.

location photoshoot with german lingerie model

One cannot be the slave of the Rule Of Thirds grid! If I placed the face of the model under the bottom left grid intersection, she would have looked like she was falling off of a cliff. If I placed it under the top left crosshair, she would have looked like she was shot out of a cannon.

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