Symbolic Religious Meanings of Christian Flowers


Enjoy these beautiful royalty free flower stock photos and learn what their symbolic meaning is in the Christian faith.

Some of the iconography are: Holy Spirit, Christ’s Passion, Trinity, Sorrow and Death.

Anemone Flower

Anemone flower christian symbol Trinity Sorrow Death photos

Anemone flower: Christian symbol for Trinity, Sorrow and Death

Iris Flower

iris flower christian symbol virgin mary
Blue iris flower: Christian symbol for Mary as Queen of Heaven

Columbine Flowers

columbine flower christian symbol Holy Spirit
Columbine flowers: symbol for the Holy Spirit


daisy flower christian symbolism Christ Child innocence
Daisy: symbolizes innocence of the Christ Child


Dandelion flower christian symbolism Christ's Passion free stock photos
Dandelion: symbol for Christ’s Passion


Hyacinth flower christian symbol prudence
Hyacinth: symbol for prudence and peace of mind


ivy flower christian symbol eternal life
Ivy: symbol for eternal life


pink Myrtle flower christian symbol
Myrtle: symbolizes those converted to Christ


pansy flower christian symbol remembrance meditation free stock photos
Pansy: symbol for remembrance and meditation


california poppy flower christian symbol Passion of Christ
Poppy: symbol for symbolizes sleep – indifference – Passion of Christ

Red Carnation

Red Carnation flower christian symbolizes love
Red carnation: symbol for love

Red Rose

Red rose flower christian symbolism martyrdom
Red rose: symbol for martyrdom


blue violet flower christian symbol humility
Violet flower symbolizes humility

White Lily

white lili flower christian symbol virgin Mary purity free stock photos
White lily: symbol for purity and the Virgin Mary

White Rose

white rose flower christian heavenly joy purity
White rose: symbol for purity and heavenly joy

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