Beautiful Japanese Fashion And Bikini Model


For a photographer like me who loves to take the picture of first time, amateur or non models it is a real treat when I find a beautiful Japanese girl like Yoko who exceeds all my expectations in front of the camera.

Back in the old days I used to ask friends and acquaintances who’s looks inspired me to pose for my photoshoots. Ever since I’ve always enjoyed the beauty and innocence of non-models which can be fully explored in travel photography of course .. but that came years later.

Intimate Portrait Of Beautiful Japanese Girl

japanese model portrait

These pictures are from 2004 but I am writing this post in 2009 as I am sorting through CDs that have been kept in storage. This gives me an interesting retrospective to examine what has changed the way I relate to photography, beauty and what has stayed with me throughout the years.

Meeting Yoko in person you would never guess that she is capable of such an intimate and captivating portrait. I do not mean this a negative way, she just has that bubbly, silly and fun personality that suggests she could not stay still or remain serious in front of the camera.

There are many favorite photos from this photoshoot. This being one of my first model photography sessions, I never have taken one of these wild and exotic close-up portraits before. I learned a first hand lesson on the power of photography because of this shoot, how it can alter someone’s persona and manipulate the viewer. A painting is obviously interpretive but people tend to believe what they see on a photo (even if they are fully aware of the possibility of Photoshop touchup).
asian model portrait with wild hair

Japanese Bikini Model With Boogie Board

One of my first bikini model photos. During the early years I was slightly obsessed with camera tilt to create dynamic and dramatic diagonal lines. This habit tapered off as time went by but quite evident here. One would expect the boogieboard to be racing down a slope at this angle (which would be a great photo)! The colors and our Japanese bikini model are beautiful, the crop and composition are off.
bikini model on boogieboard

Beautiful pose and facial expression, exotic tropical location but the composition and crop are not what I would do in 2009. Painful lessons through humility had to be learned to get to the next level.
japanese bikini model posing

Beautiful Japanese Girl In White Hoodie

There is usually at least one clothing item from the model’s wardrobe (which is the wardrobe for my shoots) that stands out and worth further exploration beyond the normal amount of frames.
This time it was a white hoodie which not only framed the model’s beautiful exotic face but nicely enhanced her warm skin tone. The portrait has not only an engaging eye contact but typical Japanese style for me in the form of shyness and respect.
Beautiful Japanese Girl In White Hoodie

The cascading long hair beautifully compliments the shape the hoodie that wraps around the face. I love the expression as well; I’d give it a 10 for this setup and we are talking about a first time model!
It was a windy day so even though the hands holding the hoodie together look nice they were serving a practical purpose: keeping the hair in a respectable condition.
asian fashion model in white hoodie

Another beautiful portrait with a slight variation, the hair once again provides lines which the viewer’s eyes can follow. The girls features are exquisite in this half profile angle.
These are not magazine quality studio shots but I am proud of the minimalistic approach it took to create them. No hairstylist or make-up artist, no assistants, no reflectors, just me and Yoko in the Kapiolani Park right outside Waikiki … shooting away .. during her first photoshoot ever.
gorgeous japanese girl with flowing hair

Playing with compositions and shapes; yes it is almost a shame not to show 100% of this gorgeous face but I was curious how this half crop would turn out to be. I enjoy the result and having the eyes (or eye) closed is a must for my taste.
amazing japanese model portrait

Beautiful Japanese Girl In Warm Light

Are Japanese women the world’s most beautiful? Some would say definitely! Nevertheless for someone like me who grew up in boring, oppressed communist Hungary capturing exotic, natural beauty like Yoko’s is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon.
If you think you are seeing the evidence of an assistant using a reflector in this photo and think you caught me lying, it is an honest mistake. Kapiolani Park has a concert and hula dance performance stage which has beige colored ground and steps surrounding it. The glow on the model’s face coming from below is a nice use of reflected sunlight from the ground.
Beautiful Japanese Girl In Warm Light

Thank the Gods for the mighty Hawaiian Trade Winds (the summers are not fun without them).
In this photo the windblown hair did not need to be constantly combed and made perfect, I really enjoy the natural candid look the messy hair provides.
windblown hair portrait

Another reminder that this is Yoko’s first “formal” photoshoot ever and in real life she is extremely shy. There has to be some level of chemistry between model and photographer to achieve this level of intimacy on photos which cannot be just faked.
There is a lot to take in while looking at this photo, I like to study my and other photographer’s pictures often for several minutes and keep exploring new details. One of my favorite parts of this image: the two front teeth .. too cute.
portrait photography with japanese model

Japanese Girl With Gorgeous Smile

Japanese Girl With Gorgeous Smile

Modeling Concepts With Japanese Girl Next Door

These are the stairs that provided the soft, warm light for the earlier portraits. The beauty shots were of course taken in open shade to eliminate harsh shadows on the face but for our fashion modeling session we moved out in the sun.
This photoshoot already has been a success but Yoko still had a surprise “up her sleeve”: that awesome red rose tattoo! Yes, I know I am doing camera tilt and diagonals again .. but I have grown out of it!
japanese girl with red rose tattoo

A lot of awesome lines in this photo: the arms, legs, the low cut neckline, the necklace, the stairs; they all provide stability via the geometry in the photo. One might say: forget the lines that is one hot Asian model, but I prefer to talk of technical and creative aspects in my posts, all the other stuff hopefully will come across naturally.
asian fashion model on Waikiki Beach

OK, that is the photo of one beautiful Japanese girl! But did you notice those awesome lines again?
japanese fashion model

Extreme tilting of the camera! The horizon is out of control! The photo works for me this way though. Notice the slight hesitation in the model’s eyes; I am asking her too much! This is her first modeling photoshoot and she was performing brilliantly while I let her to be herself and capture her natural beauty shining through.
A photographer must be sensitive and mindful when the photoshoot enters an uncomfortable area for the model and must change course or alter some aspects. Otherwise those photos either will be substandard or useless, not to mention the possibility of the model photographer trust being damaged which usually cannot be fully restored.
amateur fashion model photography

Young Japanese Model In Blue Bikini

We are back in business, that is the real personality of the model! Beautiful Asian bikini model with pink lifesaver! Another successful photoshoot! As I always say in my posts, I never ask my models to smile … if they do and it is natural I am more than happy to capture them:
Young Japanese Model In Blue Bikini

That is very cute! I know I should have had the doughnut turned around so the writing does not show. I am publishing the photo like this to demonstrate how small details can escape the eye during a fast paced photoshoot. It can be later fixed in Photoshop of course.
playful japanese model

Not only a cute picture but a lucky break as far as the pink inner tube and the light blue bikini really going nicely together. Also the blue of the bikini repeats the color of the ocean which is always esthetically pleasing.
bikini model and pink inner tube

What a great shoot this was! Positive experiences like this early on no doubt gave me confidence to continue to learn and explore new concepts with new faces at new places!
happy japanese girl

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