Black and White Amateur Bikini and Pin Up Model


These images were shot in the “early days” when I started to experiment with fashion, bikini and lingerie model photography. Back then I asked non-models a.k.a. “regular girls” to pose for me for practice and for fun.

This photoshoot took place at Diamond Head Beach just outside Waikiki, Hawaii. It is a popular location with local photographers because it is rugged, beautiful and not too busy.

It is just far enough (a 20 minute walk) for the typical Waikiki Beach tourists who take full advantage of being able to just walk outside their hotels to the beach and not venture further than Burger King.

Amateur Brunette Pin Up Model With Strong Features Posing On The Beach

black and white hawaii photographer pin-up style bikini model

Diamond Head Beach also happens to be a gay beach which means nobody is really excited about a possibly risque female model photoshoot so there are less people staring than usual.
The pin-up theme was not planned, the model’s hairstyle (she is a hairstylist), features, body type and clothing just naturally swayed the photoshoot into pin-up territory with an exotic tropical twist.

Sunny Picture Of Amateur Bikini Model On Diamond Head Beach

Even when it comes to amateur or non-model casting it is key to find someone with at least one striking feature. This could be eyes, hair, jaw line, tattoos, athletic build, etc. so her look is not literally “girl next door” rather “a girl everyone wishes lived next door”.
A pre-photoshoot interview or better yet an informal chit chat at a Starbucks can determine if there is chemistry between the personalities of the model and photographer. After having a complete picture of the model physically and mentally can the photographer custom tailor the photoshoot.
The sandstones create an excellent background here, not too busy with just enough texture.
amateur female model classic black bikini

Black And White Amateur Model Photography On A Beautiful Hawaiian Beach

Simplicity rules. Taking away all that is extraneous makes a photo easier to take in. I enjoy black and white swimsuit model photography on the beaches of Hawaii partly because it goes against the majority and of course makes a more dramatic statement.
amateur model exotic hawaiian beach

Beautiful Amateur Model With Cat Eyes Laying On Sandy Beach

Even amateur models or non-models can deliver surprising photos if they feel comfortable with the location, concept and photographer. Just look at those strong features and eye contact!
model with cat eyes

Amateur Pin Up Model In Lava Pool Wearing White Bikini

A bikini photo with a pin-up twist. Usually there are few directions given to the model, I enjoy capturing what is happening with the model while she is being inspired by the location and the experience.
amateur pin-up style bikini model

Fun Smiling Picture Of Model Laying On Diamond Head Beach

Now that is a cute photo isn’t it? And the best part is that while shooting in the ocean we can avoid dirty feet in these type of pictures (have seen it too many times and is a major pet peeve of mine).
amateur swimsuit model photography on Diamond Head Beach

Intimate Black And White Portrait Of Girl Next Door

Powerful, dramatic, intimate close-up portraits always fascinated me so most photoshoots will include them. There was a lot of light being reflected from the sand so there was no need for reflectors, assistants or airbrushing for that matter. A slight overexposure ensured a striking beauty shot.
black and white amateur model portrait

First Time Pin Up Model Wearing Animal Print Dress On Diamond Head Beach

This pin-up style beach fashion modeling photo was made possible by the model’s own leopard skin dress.
Angling the camera and creating a diagonal line out of the horizon really works here (a technique which in my opinion should be used with caution).
pin-up model wearing animal print dress

Practicing Black And White Photographic Composition And Playing With Textures

Besides the obvious Pacific Ocean background Diamond Head Beach also offers rugged lava rock formations. I decided to stack them nicely creating a foreground and background with the model nicely (but not too much) blending in. The exotic leopard skin print dress goes really well with the location and the texture of the rocks.
pin-up model in leopard skin dress

Every good setup deserves to be shot a several ways with different angles, crops, portrait and landscape format, etc. Here is another version with the slopes of Diamond Head Crater in the background.
girl in leopard print dress

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