Swimsuit Model in Hawaiian Rainforest


A cold stream in the Hawaiian Pali rain forest is the location for this swimsuit photo. It is a really short drive from downtown Honolulu and besides mosquitoes usually there is not a soul around.

I have done a few photo shoots at the same location and what I love about this place is the countless angles, lighting and background possibilities.

Some people find the model’s expression very cute also this photo happens to be one of Tamara’s personal favorites.

swimsuit model in rainforest

I love to take pictures with adventurous models who are up for shooting in less than studio perfect conditions.

bikini model in jungle
My fabulous model Tamara was a great sport during this last segment of our photoshoot as she was laying down wearing her classic black triangle bikini in the cold rainforest stream.
The soft light from the overcast sky on her beautiful skin color is one of the best part of this photo.

The props were not planned, I found them at this idyllic rainforest spot in Oahu’s Pali Mountains. The red hibiscus flower adds a pop to the photo, the yellow of the dry leaves provides another warm color balancing out the red and giving the eyes more to explore when looking at the picture.
Talking about colors the choice of black bikini against the black lava rocks is really right on visually speaking.

The concept of the next photo I call jungle warrior princess, the dried out leaves turned out to be multi-use props, in this case taking up the role of a spear or a tribal shield.

I took a few of photos of this concept carefully because I was quite happy with what I saw through the viewfinder. What I remember considering were the overall composition of the photo and the placement of the model in it.
Also arranging the background was key, it is a little bit busy but essential to provide context to the story; having it slightly out of focus made the model pop out and not get completely lost.
powerful model as warrior princess

Peeking through the leaves while standing in a strong “muscular” pose the model conveys drama, I consciously make sure there is nothing cute or hoochie in these photos which would make them worthless to me:
exotic bikini model

A confident, graceful model with a beautiful body who knows how to move and pose is a dream of every swimsuit model photographer. The location inspires the intelligent model, the model inspires the receptive photographer. There are a few more bells and whistles needed but that is all what’s essential for a fun and rewarding photoshoot.
model laying in rainforest stream

Making the most of every setup is important for me and by changing the countless variables a large amount really different photos can result from one setup.
I do not have my photoshoots pre-planned with notes, it is impossible to prepare for the unexpected for me the best policy is to keep an open mind; zoom in zoom out, portrait and landscape formats, different poses, dry hair and wet hair, don’t forget the baby oil on the model’s skin, pick matching colored bikini for the given background, etc.

The only possible downside of this kind of mad shooting is that the photographer may end up with too many great photos making the editing process a heartbreaking chore.
swimsuit model with messy wet hair

The red hibiscus returns this time in the form of a beautiful upper back tattoo. I love the lines that the body of the model create in this picture:
bikini model with red hibiscus flower tattoo

This excellent location is a 360 degree studio, full of possibilities. Next setup was on the bank of the creek where the roots of a huge banyan tree were grabbing a large lava rock.
The elongated body of the model and her limbs were placed to be in sync with the surrounding roots:
swimsuit model on banyan tree

Spite that we were using up cans of bug repellent and we were under attack by mosquitoes it was time to shoot some fun Luis Vuitton handbag advertising campaign photos. Tamara switched into a brown bikini better suited for the lush jungle background.
The angled dead tree adds a picture prefect dynamic element and line which in turn aids the model to assume a very natural and elegant pose:
model with designer handbag

Just a bit more dressed up for a rainforest location, a fashion photo once again juxtaposes the model’s arms and legs against the zigzagging branches around her.
Since there are no assistants, only me and the model there are no reflectors so the soft diffused light coming from the overcast sky is quite a bit directional creating some shadows around the eye and under the chin and jaw.
I would not change these (not even in Photoshop) for the world, I like the drama and realism created as opposed to having a rather fake and artificial look to my photos due to perfectly setup studio lighting.
hawaiian fashion model

Let’s finish this set with a somewhat provocative but beautiful portrait, the wet hair beautifully frames the model’s face with a bold strong expression fitting to the wild scenery:
exotic model in jungle

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